Covid 19 Updates From BlissBlissBliss

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We, like you are watching closely the details around this virulent Covid 19 situation. We are approaching this from a personal responsibility perspective and will respond ethically as the situation can change fast.

Update: As of March 16, 2020 we are cancelling all classes and sessions for the week. Check our calendar each week for classes and private sessions. If you have a booked service we will reach out to you to try and get you rebooked. stay tuned as we put together some online offerings for you. Stay well dear community.

  • Follow the suggestions you are already seeing from the CDC and World Health Organization .
  • Use our wash rooms before and after sessions / classes to wash your hands and practice best practice hygiene.
  • Bring your own props, mats, towels, bolsters, blocks to class.
  • When coming to class, expect the unexpected (some teachers might be offering creative solutions if they are switching to no props.
  • As always, if you do use studio props wipe them all down before and after your session.
  • Check Our Facebook Page or the online class calendar to confirm your favorite class is still on the schedule.

    All of the bliss loose collective of teachers and therapists will cancel sessions or classes if we are not well or if we feel called to not be in a community setting. We will let you know as soon as we know if a cancellation is happening.