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Valentines Season Is The Perfect Time To Schedule A Couples Massage

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Celebrate a special event with a friend, family member or partner. Our couples massage package is designed as the perfect bonding experience. Start with a 1/2 hour reflexology treatment while enjoying a light snack. Follow with a full hour massage treatment.

Booking this type of session requires some planning on the part of many couples. Getting off work at the same time, arranging for a sitter, and getting massage staff lined up are just three things that may take some pre-planning. With some advance notice we can support you on the part of lining up staff.

Couples Massages are Comfortable

If one of the guests has never had a massage booking as a couple can take out some of the anxiety. They may find it easier to get a massage with someone they know.

Couples Massages are Bonding Experiences

Any shared experience especially in a positive setting is a bonding experience. BlissBlissBliss specializes in good vibes.

Double The “Healthy” with a Couples Session

Body work treatments are stress reducers. Enjoying the treatment with a favorite person is double the endorphins.

Pricing (Per Person):
— 6x Member: $90 (60 min), $130 (90 min)
— Guest: $110 (60 min), $140 (90 min)

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