Cooling Summer Sequence Moon Salutation

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Need to cool off this summer?

Moon Salutations (Chandra Namaskar) is a soothing variation to the sun salutation. It is designed to honor the other half of your whole body. While the Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) energizes the masculine and yang side of your body, Moon Salutations are yin and feminine in nature. All of us (men and women) have both masculine and feminine energies that deserve respect, honor and nourishment.

Consider these Moon Salutation Asanas as a beautiful way to reconnect, realign and cool-down the fiery impulses of the summer weather. Because these Asanas tend to shift energy without increasing heat they tend to be less stimulating than the Sun Salutation Asanas.

Perhaps your Sun Salutation can be your morning sequence to get you going an your Moon Salutation can be your evening practice to cool your body, relax your mind, and calm your emotions before you slumber.

These are the asanas for the Yoga Moon Salutation:

Prayer Pose - palms together overhead

Crescent Moon Pose - arching to the left

Goddess Pose - squat, arms at sides in an L-shape, palms forward

Transition Pose - star pose, the body is like a 5-pointed star

Triangle Pose - extending to the left, right arm up

Head to knee - left leg

Lunge to the left

Forward Facing Lunge - right leg extended

Squat Pose - Malasana, hands in prayer position

Forward Facing Lunge - left leg extended

Lunge to the right

Head to Knee - right leg

Triangle Pose - extending to the right, left arm up

Transition Pose - star pose

Goddess Pose

Crescent Moon Pose - arching to the right

Return to Prayer Pose - palms together overhead



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