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Coconuts – A Creativity Access Workshop 

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Creativity is the natural order of life. Life is energy: pure creative energy.  –Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way

This is the first of ten basic principles Julia Cameron lists in her landmark book on creativity access, The Artist’s Way.  We are all born creative, and yet we often feel stifled. We sense this principle to be true, yet our daily lives often don’t reflect this knowledge.

Coconuts is a creativity access workshop for adults which can help you claim your birthright.  We use journaling, artist’s dates, short writes, and meditations to open up to our creativity.  This class will help you to become more creative, more centered, aware, and mindful.  As we know busy-ness is no substitute for happiness or contentment.  You might remember a time when you were more creative.  Wouldn’t you like to get back to that time of total absorption, the joy of doing something with your own two hands!  It’s still there waiting for you—you just need to access it!

Spring classes begin February 23, and run until May 4, 6:30-8:00p.m. at Bliss Bliss Bliss. 

We all suffer from creative anxiety.  With Coconuts, you will learn to manage this anxiety and join a community which nurtures your higher self in a context where we can all be more present. You will become more creative and relaxed, and, along the way, you will make dear friends who will help you achieve your creative goals.

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Time & place Materials
Bliss Bliss Bliss3101 About Town Place

Tuesdays: February 21 – May 2

6:30-8:00 pm


-The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron (75 cents on



Cost More Details
$215 for 12 weeks


Teacher – Mary Angel Blount

(304) 685-1560

*Note: this is not a yoga class*