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Chair Massage at Your Business!

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If your in the market for Employee Appreciation ideas consider a Chair Massage at your work place!

Touch people who are not likely a schedule traditional table massage: Chair massage is provided in a neutral, safe environment – Perfect for people who might be squeamish about going to a massage clinic for a full hour session.

No matter the occasion, bodywork on the head, shoulders, and back is a welcomed experience. You have the ability to give your hard workers some sweet relaxation. Studies show that after 10 minutes of massage the body is able to release and relax. A great way to break from the work day!  People lead busy lives, unable to carve out time to squeeze in a one hour table massage, but most have time for a quick 15 minutes of chair massage.

Benefits of Chair Massage:

For the body:unnamed

  • Reduces stress allowing people to be happier at their jobs.
  • Clear mind for work; people can focus and be efficient.
  • Lowers anxiety & blood pressure.

For the Work Environment:

  • A feeling of appreciation & acknowledgment.
  • Improves job satisfaction.
  • Creates atmosphere of camaraderie & cooperation.
  • Reduce sicknesses and absenteeism.
  • Healthier alternative employee appreciation methods.

In addition to chair massage, we can offer seated Thai yoga, group yoga classes and workshops on aromatherapy!

Contact to arrange some Blissness at your work site.


We ask for a 30 day advance notice to make this event happen.

Fee is $1.20 per minute per therapist.