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I look forward to seeing you in class soon! I have created a hybrid class of 2 of my favorite styles Flow and Restorative.

Flow/Storative Yoga

Flow/Storative Yoga offers a wonderful blend of rejuvenating movement and restful practices. The first half of class will flow at a gentle pace to coordinate breath and movement while awakening your strength and flexibility with sun salutations and standing postures. The second part of class will combine floor postures, meditation practices, and guided relaxation to enhance qualities of comfort and calm. Flow/Storative is your invitation to feel more relaxed and restored within the flow of your day. Come as you are – all humans are welcome.

Reminder: We do not offer complimentary props at the studio. Please bring your own. We do sell these items in the bliss shop. I do recommend these props for Flow/Storative Yoga: 2 blocks, 1 – 2 blankets, 1 strap.


– Class Starts February 2021 –


“Let no one come to you without leaving better and happier.” – Mother Teresa

Private Yoga Sessions – When A Group Class Is Not What You Need Sat, 19 Dec 2020 12:38:51 +0000 By Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds

There are so many reasons a general yoga class may not be right for you. I could try and list all the reasons, but you know that if you are not coming to a class, you have a reason that is perfect for you and what you really need is options.

Private Classes = time for assists

We have options. Where to start?

If you have a specific teacher at Bliss that you would like to take a private class with based on the style of yoga they have listed on the class calendar, reach out to them via email or call to ask us about their schedule. We offer a $80 yoga private. When you have an active bodywork membership, we offer this session at the $65 rate.

accessible to all – restorative yoga

Some at a glance notes: Do reach out to us to ask about your specifics. We want you to feel welcome to develop a practice.

  • Elizabeth (yin, restorative, beginner)
  • Heidi (prenatal, mommy and baby, vinyasa, restorative)
  • Jessica (yoga nidra, vinyasa, prenatal, beginner, family)
  • Kelly Nix (hot vinyasa and vinyasa),
  • Mary Angel (chakra, gentle, kundalini inspired)
  • Nadia (beginner, advanced poses, traditional hatha)
  • Melita (therapeutic, vinyasa, hot vinyasa).

props will help your home practice

Special Interests: A few teachers have created some specific sessions focused from their training and interests.

Heidi Sherwin has been teaching yoga at Bliss since 2009 and she leads the Moonbow yoga teacher training at Bliss. If you are expecting, you might consider a “Private Yoga for Childbirthsession with Heidi. She can be reached via email at her This particular session is intended for mother and her intended birth partner (2 Hours session $100).

When your Doctor or PT recommends Yoga Therapy sessions know that Melita ( is ready to assist you with yoga poses that that help you move better and with less pain. When you are needing to address specific health challenges like chronic conditions or recover from an injury a Yoga Therapy session with Melita is going to be really supportive. RR wrote in after her session,

Melita was very helpful and kind. Felt better (physically) and encouraged after just one hour with her!

Explore all the reasons a Yoga Therapy session with Melita will be perfect for you.

Mary Angel invites you to her private session. She writes,

Whether you wish to increase your flexibility, strength, or focus–this yoga session is tailored to meet your needs. We will work together to perfect the basics, focus on a specific area, or expand your practice.First, we’ll chat by phone or email/text so we can discover your intention. Then we’ll schedule a session to address your needs and develop a plan for reaching your goals. LGBTQ safe

Jessica offers a Yoga Nidra and Guided Meditation Private Session that is going to resonate with the over stressed. This is a unique session where you will be guided to that blissful state between waking and sleeping. Read More.

Private Sessions Create Connection & Community

We love that our private yoga class options give you all the reasons to have a yoga practice.  As you think about scheduling consider these questions. Are you able to release? Are you open to receive?


Hello 2021! Candlelight Yin At Home Mon, 14 Dec 2020 12:35:20 +0000 By Melita

I am offering Candlelight Yin Yoga classes via zoom on one very special Sunday each month through the spring. These zoom classes do allow you to use your bliss yoga class passes!

Props needed for your home class: a block, a bolster, and a blanket. IF you do NOT have these yoga props… no problem!! Grab a couple of thick books in place of blocks, a couple of towels or blankets in place of the yoga blanket, and a couch cushion or two in place of the bolster. If you are really wanting to get the full mood going, feel free to grab a couple of candles.

*The times listed for these virtual sessions are EST (Eastern Standard Time Zone). If you want to join, but that time does not work for you sign up anyway, a recording will be sent to you after the class. Hello Replay!

– Book Feb. 7 (Zoom) Candlelight Yin-
– Book Mar. 7 (Zoom) Candlelight Yin-
– Book April. 4 (Zoom) Candlelight Yin-
– Book May. 2 (Zoom) Candlelight Yin-


“When we are in pain, we become self-centered and myopic. When we heal, we become more empathetic, self-less, and sympathetic to the pain and welfare of others. It is our gift to others to heal ourselves.”
~ Max Strom

In House & Zoom Class Calendar Mon, 16 Nov 2020 17:11:22 +0000

Our motto has been “Relax – Breathe – Stretch” and we like to offer as many ways as we can to help you achieve this.

Virtual Classes / Zoom Classes DO ALLOW YOU TO “Use Your Yoga Pass”.
  • Zoom Yoga With Melita Some Sundays 5:30PM (Sunday, December 13th)
  • Zoom Yoga With Mary Angel M/W/F 9AM
  • Zoom Yoga With Heidi Thursdays 10:30AM
  • Zoom Yoga Nidra With Jessica Tuesdays at 7PM
In House Classes / Warning: Double check the Online calendar.

Watch this video to learn how to reserve a yoga class using your existing yoga pass.

  • On Hold – Saturday 9:00AM Hot Vinyasa With Melita
  • On Hold – Sunday 9:00AM Hot Vinyasa With Kelly
  • NEW COMMING In February 2021 – Mondays 12:00PM With Heidi
  • Monday 6:30PM Slow Flow With Sarah
  • Tuesday 9:30AM Gentle Yoga With Mary Angel
  • NEW COMMING In February 2021 – Tuesdays 5:30PM With Heidi
  • Wednesday 12PM Long, Slow And Deep Gentle Yoga With Elizabeth
  • Thursday 9:30AM Hatha Yoga With Nadia
  • Wednesday 6:30PM Yoga For Beginners With Jessica
You Need To Know these things:
  • Online Register Only. This means no walk ins until further notice.
  • Latest Covid restrictions social distancing and also that masks be worn at all times.
  • Always bring your own mat and props. We do have prop rental.
  • Call and leave a message if you have trouble registering (304-413-0270)
  • Please Read ALL the notes we have posted on the booking site as these ARE about YOUR visit. We cover mask wearing, class no shows, cancellations and more. 


Sarah Adds Slow Flow To Monday Nights! Sat, 03 Oct 2020 09:02:34 +0000 Bask in Bliss and wind-down each Monday evening with Sarah for Slow Flow Evening Yoga.

This class will help you stretch out the kinks of the day and call your energy and awareness back to you from the day (usually lovingly and subconsciously given away). You will enjoy how this class will help create balance both mentally and physically before beginning your night-time routines. Of course breathing practices (pranayama) and guided relaxation techniques will be included.

This is a beginner-friendly, all-levels class – all are welcome.
Starts: Oct. 12
Time: 6:30PM

Remember, you will need a mat and any of your own props such as a block, bolster, strap or blanket.

All classes are by appointment only, so be sure to register for this yummy session Choose Sarah’s Monday Night Slow Flow on our Class Calendar!

Seasonal Living: How Living RIGHT now creates the best future Mon, 21 Sep 2020 18:44:48 +0000 Heidi and Elizabeth have partnered up to share our favorite yoga, meditation and mudra practices that really help you manage the transition / transformation that we all experience from fall through mid winter.

When you register to our Living Seasonally: Autumn Edition, you will get access to lots of video content making the Ayurveda lifestyle shifts so practical and accessible. Best of all, we offer tips that are tailored to you!

You get:
Lifestyle: Seasonal insights, daily rituals, recipes, and understanding how the season affects YOU.
Movement: Yoga practices that tune into the seasonal themes and promote mind/body harmony.
Meditation: Mindfulness techniques and Mudras to support you throughout the season.
Transitions: Considerations for flowing into the next season with more ease.

Best part! The whole experience is virtual. This means you can re-watch everything forever and is perfect for when you have 5 minutes for a meditation or 60 minutes for a yoga practice or 20 minutes in the kitchen! We’ll send you an email along with a link to our password protected portal when you register.

Watch this to learn more:

Mask Friendly Hatha Yoga Added To Thursday Schedule Sun, 16 Aug 2020 11:21:13 +0000 By Nadia & Elizabeth

…And then there was Hatha yoga.


Those of us who study yoga learn that there are branches of yoga. There is meditation yoga, service yoga, the studies of the philosophies of yoga. Another branch of yoga is the branch of Hatha Yoga. Some call this branch the branch of asana or postures. This is the physical practice of yoga of which there are many styles. Some would say that Hatha Yoga is the grandparent of all the styles.
Hatha as a physical practice symbolizes the sun and the moon. Translated further it also captures the polarities of the body, the masculine and the feminine, the heating and the cooling, the positive and the negative. The intention of Hatha yoga, as a style, is to bring the body into physical balance and to connect that body (yoke it) to this all of its parts (mind/body/spirit).
Nadia writes, “As I see it Hatha is a limb of yoga that focuses on the power of the breath to initiate movement. In this class, we tap into deeper energies and moving through that energy. All levels of yogis can find relaxation or challenge depending on how your subtle body is calling.”

Welcome to this “All Levels” class! Thursday’s at 9:30 starting Sept. 17, 2020.

– Hatha On Thursdays With Nadia-

Note: With social distancing measures in place at the studio where only 6 students are allowed per class, Nadia wanted to let students know that she will be wearing a mask to teach this class even though “masks-off” are allowed once on your mat space. If coming to a small socially distanced group class mask on makes you more comfortable, know that you will not be the only one wearing a mask.

You can get glimpses of Nadia in real life through her website.

Private Yoga Session – Price Includes Props Sun, 09 Aug 2020 15:05:54 +0000 By Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds

We know yoga is great for you. Study after study have outlined the many benefits. Improved Flexibility is obvious as well as the increase in strength, muscle tone and definition. If you are recovering from injury, have had a sedentary lifestyle or seeing the affects of aging, you are going to love, less back pain, better balance and see the shift in joint health. And yes! you will feel in your body what the pictures try to capture. MENTAL CALMNESS! The focus on breathing techniques will carry you through many stressful times off the mat.

And yet, this is what I often here when people call in about our group yoga classes:

  • I do not know what class to take.
  • I am not sure I can do yoga because of my … (age, health, lack of flexibility).
  • I am not sure if a group class is for me.
  • I will feel uncomfortable doing yoga around people because I do not know what I am doing.
  • I do not know what I need (props) and how to use them.
  • I want to practice yoga at home but do not like watching videos or those videos don’t fit my … goals, age, flexibility, health situation.

What if?

What if you could have a private session with me, where we go over your goals and health status. In this session, you get to leave with ALL the props that you will need, learn how to use them and go home with a formula for a well rounded set of poses that fit your health status.

I am offering a private session ($80) plus all your take home props:

  • 1 Narrow Rectangle bolster $47.95
  • 1 Zen Treasures Yoga Strap (works as a yoga mat holder too) $17
  • 1 Foam Yoga Block $13.15
  • 1 High Quality Jade Yoga Mat $82.95
  • 1 Yoga Blanket $26.95

This session is valued at $280 but bookable (while supplies last) through August 31 for $150. Call 304-412-0270 and leave a message for weekend or evening sessions.

– Book –


Monthly Guided Mediation With Marilyn Thu, 06 Aug 2020 13:23:43 +0000 By Marilyn Hastings

Everyone looks forward to this once a month event! It includes all the best parts of a meditation workshop; breathing and centering practices, space for silent meditation along with guided visualizations and everyone’s favorite “add-on” crystal and Tibetan singing bowls.

I like to say that meditation IS available to everyone. But the skills come with time and practice. This class gives you an opportunity to cultivate your meditation skills in a high vibe environment.

Meditation is not a way of making your mind quiet. It’s a way of entering into the quiet that’s already there – Deepak Chopra

This mediation workshop is held the first Friday each month 6:30-7:45PM $15

No experience in meditating required. Just come, sit/lay down and enjoy! This session will be such an treat to help you find your way toward reaping the many benefits of regular meditation (stress reduction, sharper focus, lower blood pressure, increased intuition, relaxation and overall well-being).

Due To Covid: Registration is required and we are no longer able to provide complimentary mats and blankets for classes. Please bring what ever you need for an enjoyable practice. We do offer a mat and blanket rental ($7) and we sell props in the Bliss shop.

2020 Dates:

– Book Dec 4 –

2020 Dates:

– Book Jan. 1 –
– Book Feb. 5 –
– Book Mar. 5 –
– Book April 2 –
– Book May 7 –

Stay tuned for more dates. We break June-August then resume First Friday Sept. – May.

Master Craft: The Art of Sequencing and Theming Yoga Classes Wed, 01 Apr 2020 19:14:11 +0000 By Heidi Sherwin

Note: With COVID 19 impacting all gatherings, this class is going to be held online through zoom. Contact Heidi at ( for the details. This 3 hour session will start Wednesday, 4/22, 5 – 6:30pm and resume Thursday, 4/23, 5 – 6:30pm. This class is 3 CEU hours
Think about a recent yoga class that seemed to flow seamlessly, leaving you in a state of grace, confidence and bliss. Recall the personal reflection that was ignited through the instructor’s craft for weaving together concepts, inspirational storytelling, and clear postural guidance. Would you like to learn ways to amplify your yoga classes or home practice with similar care and attention to the art of sequencing and creating themes?

In the Master Craft workshop, you will gain a deeper understanding of the following:

  • Ways to cultivate an accessible space for self-inquiry on the yoga mat.
  • Theme development: from selecting a theme to introducing and articulating it throughout the arc of a yoga class.
  • The art and science of combining multiple yogic techniques in a special way to craft a meaningful class sequence (ie: postures, breathing practices, mudras, meditations).
  • How to create a series of classes that thematically thread together with attention to adaptation and progression within each practice.
  • Ways to calibrate physical, mental, and energetic balance from start to finish via intelligent selection of preparatory, central, and counter postures.
  • Recommendations for integrating themes and significant sequencing into any style of yoga practice, including Gentle Yoga, Power Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Prenatal Yoga, and more!
  • Tips for master crafting a meaningful, sacred home practice, whether you have 15 minutes or an hour

The workshop is open to current yoga teachers or anyone looking to create a regular home yoga practice. Knowledge of basic yoga postures is a plus. Please bring a journal and favorite writing tool.

Questions? Contact Heidi:

Date: Wednesday, April 22, 2020
Time: 6:00 – 9:00pm
Price: $70

3 CEU contact hours available

Read About Other classes in this series: