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BlissMama & Baby Yoga

5-week series  Thursdays at 10am May 12 – June 9, 2016   BlissMama & Baby Yoga offers a fun and gentle approach to re-strengthening the mother’s body after pregnancy and labor while socializing with other new BlissMamas and their babies. Ideal for babies 6 weeks to active crawlers. No prior yoga experience necessary. ** If you are less than 6 weeks postpartum and are itching to …

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Kids Yoga -Angela carver

Kid’s yoga is all about overall health and well-being. Introducing children to the importance of breathing and how it affects the body teaches them that with one deep breath a child can learn to calm him or herself and release tension which is all too common in today’s society. Children as young as 2, with modelling from a parent/guardian can …

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Berkey Water Filter

The Berkey water filter fluoride reduction elements work by adding the ability to remove the contaminants listed below. When threaded directly onto the Black Berkey® purification elements the fluoride reduction element is an effective way to take control of targeted harmful contaminants in your drinking water. These fluoride water filters work as a post filter to the Black Berkey and …

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