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Crystals Energy / Life Energy

Crystal Grid For Abundance True story, Deep into the night, the full moon insisted that i heed the call, to bring forth from the silence a class on crystals and their energy. To weave a creation script for us all to embody Abundance & Prosperity! Lets dive into the perfect grid and crystals to support our lives in this way. …

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BlissBlissBliss Your Friend That Sells DoTERRA

Keep Those Diffusers Going! 4/20/20 UPDATE: This week Monday Thru Friday, DoTERRA is hosting a BoGo Week. The way their BoGo works is they will announce a new Buy One – Get One combination each morning. Monday: Buy dōTERRA Serenity, Get dōTERRA Balance Free Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday This year they have packaged all the BoGo’s in a single shipping …

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Tell Me About That Food In The Bliss Sargasso Cleanse

You ask: Tell Me About That Food In The Bliss Sargasso Cleanse The Bliss/Sargasso CLEANSE is a 21-day, clean eating program. Your “clean” food is prepared with fresh ingredients and expertly crafted by seasoned clean eating Chef Thomas (Sargasso).  We reference “Clean”, by Dr. Alejandro Junger (yes we suggest you read this book).  Every meal has foods especially selected that are on …

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