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Ignite Your Delight: Connections

Saturday July 23 from 1pm to 4pm Connections are important. Explore connections that benefit you the most, how to create more of these connections, strengthen the ones you have, and techniques for disconnecting from connections that are no longer benefiting or supporting you. Learn: * Breathing techniques to help you feel centered and grounded * How to identify when you’ve …

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Ignite Your Delight: Creating A Personal Ritual

Saturday June 18 from 1pm to 4pm   Everyone has routines to get them through the day – brushing hair and teeth, washing our face, eating breakfast, getting out the door… Routines get us through. But a ritual can help inspire and encourage you, it can motivate to get up in the morning if you are excited enough about it. …

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Chakra Series ~Crown

  Your Crown Chakra is located on the top of your head and is violet in color. The Crown Chakra is the energy center that relates to your “clear knowing” and is the center of your connection to the divine. Energy in your Crown Chakra can be affected by your thoughts and beliefs regarding religion or spirituality, divine guidance and trust. A clear and …

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