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Stephanie is pre-booking for February this bit of deliciousness. You will save $25 on these body treats. Who said you won’t get roses or chocolate!

Scrubs combined with warm oils make my skin feel so soft and luxurious

Steph’s Rose & Chocolate Body Scrub

Start with a full body Rose Oil sugar scrub to gently exfoliate the skin. After a brief shower, your skin will be ready to receive warm chocolate oils. Perfect for late winter. Perfect for Valentines. Just Perfect. Regularly $155

Save $25 on Steph’s Rose & Chocolate Body Scrub

If you want to skip the scrub but keep the chocolate, then your body will certainly light up with this sweet Warm Chocolate Oil Massage. Regularly $105

Save $25 on Steph’s Warm Chocolate Oil Massage

These specials are only in effect Feb 1 Through Feb 29, 2020