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Be nourished in uncertainty, find true north in your feelings, see truth in your heart, envelope your full self into the cosmic vision. You are the seed. Germinating in space, refracting into rainbows. You are a thousand petaled lotus rooted through time. translucent thoughts anchor you into heart … Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds

Lauren, Melita and Tonya have some very affirming virtual sessions for you. I have enjoyed these services immensely. Each one offers some different but will bring just what you need in the moment. 

Get A Virtual Reading With Tonya 
Connect With Lauren’s Energywork at a Distance 

Schedule A Distance Akashic Reading With Melita


Amplify Your Life With Reiki (I, II & III) Training Sun, 24 May 2020 14:05:57 +0000 By Reiki Master Teacher, Marilyn Hastings

Reiki, pronounced “ray key” means Universal Life Energy. Through the laying-on-of hands, traditional Reiki symbols are used to offer energy healing for the body, mind and spirit. The healing art of Reiki is given to others in a space of unconditional love and compassion. It can be used to benefit animals, plants, water and crystals too. Reiki may be sent to people, places and situations at a distance for healing and harmony. Considered a Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM), Reiki is practiced world-wide.

I am looking forward to your joining me for these Reiki healing experiences!

Reiki 1

Becoming attuned to the Reiki symbols and using this healing energy on oneself or others, can result in a personal transformation experience. Reiki energy also calms and relaxes, supporting the overall health and well-being of both the giver and receiver. Everyone benefits!

– April 4, 2020 Reiki I
– July 18, 2020 Reiki I
– Oct. 24, 2020 Reiki I

Reiki II

Become attuned to additional Reiki symbols so that you can go deeper in the practice. See how Reiki can become part of everything that you do. Share the connections and insights with others who feel as you do. Start living with the benefits of a Reiki lifestyle!

– May 9, 2020 Reiki II
– Aug. 1, 2020 Reiki II
– Nov. 14, 2020 Reiki II

Workshop Notes:
These workshops are based upon the Usui Method of Natural Healing. Workshop fee includes:
Workshop Material and Instruction, Reiki Attunements and Symbols, Reiki Manual, and Reiki Certificate.

You will want to wear comfortable clothing and bring your lunch. We will have a one lunch break. Water and hot tea is provided.

All Workshops are from 9am-5PM with a workshop fee of $150

**Reiki I is a pre-requisite for this Reiki II workshop.

For questions about these workshops or to book a private session, please contact Reiki Master or

The Reiki III Atunement Class is scheduled for June 6, 2020. If interested contact Marilyn Hastings (

At A Distance, But Oh So Connected With Lauren Jane Sun, 22 Mar 2020 14:37:58 +0000

We are social distancing.
We are not alone.
Stretch into the spaciousness.
Reach out to people.
Reach in to yourself.
Take up meditation.
Check out online classes.
Check-in with your friends.
Take care of each other.
It’s time to show your heart.
… Lauren Jane




If you have ever had a session with me, you might have experienced this blanket sense of unconditional acceptance and presence with yourself during the session, and a feeling of deep rooted relief and peace of mind that follows. I attribute these aspects to the energy work that underlies every session I do. As a Reiki Master of 10+ years, and healing arts practitioner for even longer, I have spent my whole career honing these skills, and it has prepared me to confidently offer these sessions to you at a distance. As the client, you are asked to set aside 30 minutes of quiet time to fully receive the effects of our session. During this time unplug from devices, close the door and spend some quality time with yourself. You can do a low-energy activity like knitting, reading, journaling, doodling. Try some meditation, restorative yoga or gentle stretching. Listen to quiet instrumental music, or open your window and listen to the sounds of the world while your mind wanders. You might even feel like it’s a good time to allow yourself to take a nap. Have a cup of tea, or water nearby and ask others in your household to give you this 30 minutes of space to yourself. As the practitioner, I will be creating and holding a healing space for you during this time. I may use sage or other herbs to clear the space, and crystal grids to enhance the energy. After the session I will send a follow up email to conclude the session, with any additional session related notes. -Lauren

Book weekdays $55

– Virtually With Lauren


The Space Between Us Sat, 21 Mar 2020 00:39:35 +0000

Maybe the whole truth is in the stardust glow
of those who make us feel alive
all the way down to our toes,
to our roots,
to our connections
of something greater than ourselves … Jes Wright

Heidi Teaches Online Yoga Class Thursday 3/26 at 10:30 AM

This all-levels Flow Yoga class will be live via zoom Thursday 3/26 at 10:30 am. Please register at least 30 minutes in advance (45 minutes is better). Onece Heidi has your registration, she will send you the zoom link. After class, you will be sent the video replay.  $8 gives you the live class plus a zoom video replay so you can practice anytime later.

Props Needed: Yoga Mat, basic blanket

Optional prop/s: Yoga block

– Class link is on the bliss calendar here: 

Mary Angel Teaches Online Yoga Class Friday 3/27 at 9:00 AM

Please register at least 30 minutes in advance (45 minutes is better). Once Mary Angel has your registration, she will send you the zoom link. After class, you will be sent the video replay.  $8 gives you the live class plus a zoom video replay so you can practice anytime later.

Props Needed: Yoga Mat, basic blanket

Optional prop/s: Yoga block

– Class link is on the bliss calendar here: 

Get A Virtual Reading With Tonya

During your virtual session, Tonya will tune in and receive intuitive thoughts, feelings, images and sounds. You get immediate feedback and techniques to clear the physical and emotional issues that are identified during the session. Book Monday – Thursday 10AM – 5PM $75

Connect With Lauren’s Energywork at a Distance

If you have ever had a session with me…

– Virtually With Lauren

Schedule A Distance Akashic Reading With Melita

Read More …

– Explore Your Akasha With Melita

The Crystal Body: A Reiki and Guided Meditation With Sound Therapy Experience Sat, 30 Nov 2019 21:00:44 +0000 We love creating spaces where the group energy can be amplified in healing! Marilyn, Lauren and Elizabeth are so tuned into providing a group event where everyone receives Reiki, surrounded by crystals and sound therapy.

We created the Crystal Body so that you can enjoy an hour and 45 minutes of Sound Therapy, Guided Meditation, and Reiki with Crystals.

We announce the chakra when you come to class – Lauren, Marilyn & Elizabeth

Say yes to meditation, reiki, crystal bowls, crystals and a teaching that will resonate. Wear comfortable clothing. After your check in, we will meet in the upstairs Shiva Yoga room.

Register to hold your spot – – This event is billed at registration – No Refunds. Send a Friend in your place if you cannot attend last minute.


Plan for a repeat of this class but with a different meditation and chakra/crystal teaching

– Crystal Body Session – Jan. 31, 2020
– Crystal Body Session – April 17, 2020
– Crystal Body Session – May 29, 2020

Beyond The 7: Reiki & The Chakras Tue, 03 Sep 2019 18:13:07 +0000 As the spirit and flow of Reiki comes into your life, you start to notice and FEEL power centers that are not always identifiable in traditional texts. Join Marilyn and Elizabeth as they help you tap into and put a name to the esoteric chakras. We’ll go over 14 additional power centers beyond the 7 chakras most often taught as part of Reiki. Time for practice is also factored in so that each participant will experience the giving and receiving.

We love, we feel, we learn so we created

Wear comfortable clothing. After your check in, grab a cup of tea and we will meet in the upstairs Shiva Yoga room.

Date:Oct. 19
Time: 10-12PM
Fee: $66
Supplies: You bring your notebook or journal, we supply a handout and certificate of completion.

reiki is the meditation

– Book Beyond The 7 – $66

Register to hold your spot – Only 12 spaces – This event is billed at registration – No Refunds. Send a Friend in your place if you cannot attend last minute.

Energy Work At Bliss: Reiki & Polarity Mon, 13 Aug 2018 19:32:12 +0000 Ever wonder about Energy Work and how it can affect your overall state of being in balance?

Reiki and Polarity are 2 of our Energy Work services that help the body be in balance.

Each service is known to de-stress, help the body reconnect to homeostasis and offer a light touch (hands placed on specific points), fully clothed experience. We offer Polarity and Reiki as stand alone services but did you know that we also offer Reiki and Polarity combined, Reiki and Polarity with 2 therapist, and Reiki with Massage.

Massage & Reiki Combo ~Best of both worlds! Thu, 02 Aug 2018 13:45:27 +0000 Combine Energy Work and Massage! What a blissful combination!

Reiki Massage Combo
Combine the therapeutic effects of a relaxing full body Swedish massage, with the energy healing art of Reiki. This is a deeply relaxing experience. Massage relaxes the physical and outer layers of the body, while Reiki tunes in to relax the energetic body. Talk about a synergistic coupling of modalities.

Clients report feeling deeply balanced, at peace, and physically relaxed. We love how Reiki amplifies the effects of the massage, and facilitates a deeper and clearer communication between the numerous interconnections of mind/body/spirit.

Soul Journey Equinox And More With Michael Garber Wed, 06 Sep 2017 02:54:57 +0000 Get ready for Special Guest Michael Garber! He’s back with these amazing offerings at Bliss

Private sessions available – Delve into the past to assist your higher self!

Yin Yang – It Means So Much More Than Balance Fri, 18 Aug 2017 22:32:11 +0000 Yin Yang – Yes notice we did not say Yin AND Yang.
This is because Yin Yang are two opposite yet complementary energies. They are interdependent. Yin Yang cannot exist without the other; they are never separate. Just like your own energy is embodied in energetic frequencies of masculine / feminine, yin / yang, air / ether, fire / water, etc.

We are really excited to announce Yin Yang services featuring Sharon Blackmer and Laura Freeman. In your private sessions you get both Sharon and Laura working side by side offering Reiki or a combination of Reiki and Polarity.

Services are:

  • Yin Yang Reiki 30 Minutes $35
  • Yin Yang Reiki 60 Minutes $70
  • Yin Yang Reiki 90 Minutes $100
  • Deluxe Yin Yang Polarity 90 Minutes $140

Both Reiki and Polarity are light touch healing modalities. Reiki is tuned to the chakra system. Polarity uses sacred geography, the chakra energy currents, the 5 elements and the three doshas of ayurveda.

If you are ready to experience a Yin / Yang session, know that it is an amplified experience like no other. Clients report feeling better faster.

Here is the deal… Sharon and Laura have very flexible schedules but you will need to book with them via email. To secure your session, dash off a note to If you like to book online look for Mondays between 3-5.