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juice detox

article written by stacy hester For anyone who is interested in trying a juice detox, there’s power in numbers. I’m referring to both solidarity and cost. I recently did a three-day cleanse from Organic Avenue in New York ( It was the Love Deep, and it was delivered right to my house, seven bottles of juice for each of the …

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Natural Hangover Remedies

By Lara Evans Bracciante Cheers To Natural Hangover RemediesDrinking responsibly is important to well-being on several levels. That said, overdoing a holiday celebration is not uncommon, and the morning-after effects can be distinctly unpleasant. Fortunately, there are some effective, natural remedies to get you back in the swing of things: – Vitamin B complex: The fatigue and shaky feeling on …

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kapha season

Some helpful information to think about during this Kapha season by Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds: I know, those of you who are affected by this Kapha season are just saying PALEASE HELP! It is not so much what you eat that causes problems. but what you can digest. Healthy food is no good to you if you cannot assimilate it properly. So …

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