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Self Empowerment & Growth – Keys to Happiness

Marilyn provides Life Coaching on any topic related to spirituality, self-empowerment and self-growth. If you are looking for more clarity from a spiritual/soul perspective, Marilyn offers a perspective from a spiritual light. She specializes in Soul communication, which creates a deeper understanding and helps you to move forward into greater peace, freedom and joy! To book with Marilyn click here …

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Kyle Visits Bliss On Tuesday 7/1 and Offers Tibetan Medicine Sessions

Kyle will be visiting Bliss on the following Tuesdays: July 1, August 5, September 2, and will be offering the following services: Health Consultation in Tibetan Medicine Tibetan Medicine is an ancient healing science, which utilizes a holistic, compassionate approach to wellness of the body and mind. The system is known for its elaborate techniques of pulse reading and urine …

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Sign Up For Adrian’s Heart & Hip Opener Workshop

We are so excited to have Adrian Kettering back for a visit and a workshop. If you have not already registered for this class, take a moment to add yourself to the roster. Join her for this Hip and Heart Opening Flow This Vinyasa Flow Yoga class will begin with a warm up and transition into a series of postures …

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