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The Ultimate DIY- Yes, You can create that!

Any chance I get to make something myself at home for cheaper, and healthier… I go for it! The biggest hurdle for DIY projects is the ego: “that’s too complicated”, or “that’s expensive to make”. These are lies people! If I had to guess, it would be cheaper about 100% of the time to make something yourself, and only for …

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Developing Your Spiritual Psychic Senses with Tonya Madia

Saturday, July 30 12:30-3:30 $75 Much like you have five physical senses, you also have the potential to experience “clair” or psychic senses. Although many people think of psychic ability as a special power reserved for only a few special individuals, the truth is that intuition is a natural ability that all human beings possess. In this three-hour workshop we will explore how, what we label …

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Chakra Series ~Crown

  Your Crown Chakra is located on the top of your head and is violet in color. The Crown Chakra is the energy center that relates to your “clear knowing” and is the center of your connection to the divine. Energy in your Crown Chakra can be affected by your thoughts and beliefs regarding religion or spirituality, divine guidance and trust. A clear and …

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