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July 9th: BlissMama Yoga and Birthing Workshop for Couples

Get ready to meet your baby! Join Heidi Sherwin for her informative¬†BlissMama Yoga and Birthing Workshop for Couples! Saturday, July 9th 10am – 12:30pm $75/couple The 2.5 hour workshop is intended for expectant mothers (24 weeks+) and their birthing partners. Everyone will learn how to integrate yogic-centered practices, such as gentle postures, breathing techniques, and guided relaxation, into the labor …

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Sat Nam ~ I AM the PLOW

Rebecca’s Sat Nam Series is designed to deepen your personal relationship with the concepts and poses in yoga. Friday, September 16 7:30-9 p.m. $30 A 90-minute class on the full harvest moon designed to help you harvest and appreciate your physical and spiritual bounty. Our asana practice will prepare the body for Halasana, plow pose. We will explore the story …

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The Ultimate DIY- Yes, You can create that!

Any chance I get to make something myself at home for cheaper, and healthier… I go for it! The biggest hurdle for DIY projects is the ego: “that’s too complicated”, or “that’s expensive to make”. These are lies people! If I had to guess, it would be cheaper about 100% of the time to make something yourself, and only for …

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