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Massage Specials ~Gabrielle Carstens~

Gabrielle is sharing her favorite sessions with you! When your therapist is happy with the work they are preforming, you will be happy with the treatment you receive! Choose one or all of her Specialty Sessions: 2 Hour Custom: Today will be your lucky day! Treat yourself for a 2 hour custom massage with Gaby. This session includes a consult to …

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Breathwork Circle: For Psychic Self-Protection

Friday, September 9th 6-7:30pm $35       Do you avoid large crowds?  Do you shrink when you are around loud people?  Do you ever come home feeling drained after a day out & about in the world? Let’s face it, the world at large can be quite draining, especially if you are empathic and take on other people’s energies. …

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Sat Nam ~ I AM the PLOW

Rebecca’s Sat Nam Series is designed to deepen your personal relationship with the concepts and poses in yoga. Friday, September 16 7:30-9 p.m. $30 A 90-minute class on the full harvest moon designed to help you harvest and appreciate your physical and spiritual bounty. Our asana practice will prepare the body for Halasana, plow pose. We will explore the story …

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