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Did you get a Bliss Gift Certificate? What a beautiful way to start  the new year off!

We love it! We might be just as excited as you.

While our certificates never expire, we are going to encourage you to not hold off from scheduling your bliss. Imagine how relaxation moves through your body and creates space for calmer interactions with others. Imagine the transformation that starts within, just by feeling good.

We want to give a quick tour on how to use that gift certificate.

  • If you got a pdf version of your gift certificate, the bar code has a number on it that can be used in replace of booking with a credit card. If you got one of our in-house versions, you might see that number hand written on the back.
  • Know that if you loose your certificate we can find it in our database. It will be in your name and cross referenced from the name of the person who purchased it for you. If they made it out to “Mom”, we can still find it sorted by their name.
  • If you just want to call and book by talking with a real a person, I do answer all voice mails. Leave me a message here (304-413- 0270). If you call from a cell phone, our robot will try and help you book until I get to you. You can type “speak to a receptionist” and I will get to your message as soon as I can.
  • Sometimes people are not sure which service is best for them. Give me a call, I am happy to listen to what you need, what you love and find the best fit.

Our booking site sorts our services like so:

Consultation | Events | Intuitive Services | Massages | Spa | Therapy | Wellness or Integrative | Yoga

You can follow each category to find the service you would love to book and then book that way.

If you want a different view to navigate, try this one that might be better optimized for browsing from the cell phone.

Know that we just are not set up for drop in. While you might find a same day massage or bodywork appointment, the best option is to plan ahead

THANK YOU for supporting our collective of small bliss businesses. While it may look a big facility, we are really a bunch of heart centered skilled professional yoga teachers, massage therapists and bodyworkers. We each individually set our own hours and work together to make the bliss space warm, inviting and homey enough for you to find the space to flow and transform.

Unlike most larger businesses in our industry, we do not have reception. We prefer to make lasting relationships with you and each of us support the bliss shop before and after our sessions. I am happy to schedule a bliss shop visit for you to come in and browse at your leisure.

Being in Bliss is extraordinary and we all believe that you deserve this!

We can’t wait to see you soon.



What is in the Bliss Shop: Crystals, Incense, DoTERRA essential oils, DIY supplies, face and body care items, Faire trade textiles from Hilos_co, Hand poured candles, Grid cloths, Inspirational decks, yoga props and supplies, cards, journals and more. We try to fill our shop with relaxation inducing goods from makers who are USA made and small batch. We are not big box, but our prices are fair and represent a deep support of our community. 

How to arrange virtual shopping and curbside pick up? Leave me a message by calling 304-413-0270 or send us an e-mail at Since I am a working massage therapist and yoga teacher who also sees clients, I do not keep shop hours but I do answer all messages left for us. If no message is left, I do not call back.

Follow us on Facebook to see the latest new classes, new products and other information. Don’t have Facebook? Look at the Schedule page on our website and scroll down to see our FB posts there (bottom right corner).

See you at BlissBlissBliss!



If I Were A Social Media Influencer Sun, 16 Aug 2020 12:06:54 +0000 By Elizabeth

If I were a social media “influencer” and I could choose to be a brand ambassador, I would choose DoTERRA.

I love this company and I love these oils.  I use them in my treatment room, I diffuse in the lobby. I have them in about every room in my house (use it or loose it baby). Basically, I use them ALLOT.  But why this company? Why would I love to be their brand ambassador?

I can credit this company for being the impetus for me getting a in depth aromatherapy certification. I have hundreds of success stories in using their products. One reason for my groupie like love for this company is the way in which they help every day people understand and learn how to use essential oils based products safely in their home.

Every year, I trek out to Salt Lake City for more in depth training. This year, that won’t happen. The good news is that I can to go “virtually” and the even better news is that you can go virtually too!

Would you like to come with me?

You should be able to buy a virtual ticket tomorrow. Can’t wait to post more on this topic, stay tuned.

We want to make sure you have our shop link so that you can order direct from them but giving us shop credit for your purchases. Get Your Products Online With Direct Ship From Doterra

BlissBlissBliss Your Friend That Sells DoTERRA


Note:Membership will be offered when you add an item to your cart. If you decide to become a DoTERRA club member, you get 25% off all products when you order online and we still get shop credit.

Best Face Forward! Thu, 16 Jul 2020 21:21:57 +0000

How About An Expert DIY At Home Facial

This DIY at home facial will feel great! Your DIY Facial Kit includes video instruction, genuine jade roller, and enough product for 2 complete facials. Kaitlyn has prepared an excellent step by step video and Elizabeth has included a video on the contents of your “beautiful face” serum.

Sensitive skin? No worries, we designed our products to be supportive of you! You can choose to have your kit shipped to you or picked up at Bliss.

Because your kit has contents for two, this home pampering session can be just for you (twice) or be shared (spa day!).

The video instruction takes you through each step of a skin satisfying facial. This will include the “how to use” your sample facial cleanser, exfoliation gel, toner and 14k Gold – Vitamin C infused patches.

You’ll really love the expert instruction on the best way to get results using your jade roller to reduce inflammation, support lymphatic drainage, increase circulation and yes! promote muscle relaxation. Don’t be surprised if others in your household try to take your jade roller for their use!

The high end serum does the work of reducing fine lines and wrinkles as it hydrates and plumps the skin. This part of your kit will actually last longer than two uses. Bonus is learning how to wrap those “ah! so nice” steaming towels on your face. This is a skill you will use all year long!

You want the DIY Home Facial Kit With Video: Regularly $80 NOW on sale $49| Order Here

Here are just a few responses from clients:

Completed the facial today!!! Amazing!!!loved the jade roller and the 24 karat gold patches…great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. LC

Omgosh! Our faces are so glowie! That was so great! Now I’m having tea and burning that incense. Perfect – SK

Thank you so much for the awesome Mother’s Day gift -JG

We are hooked on the cleanser exfoliating and toner -SM

I really enjoyed the virtual facial. ❤


One Day! One Place! One Blissed Out YOU! Mon, 16 Apr 2018 14:07:59 +0000 Join US for ALL the fun at Ganesha’s Trunk Show on April 28th

Create your perfect Bliss day!

  • 9AM Get Grounded in creativity with this Dotty For Dot Art class with Susan
  • 9AM Start Strong with Melita’s Hot Vinyasa
  • 10:30AM Tap in with Mary Angel’s Riverflow
  • 11AM Create a crystal window charm. Maya has everything you need
  • 11AM Be in your sweet spot with Rebecca’s Slow Flow Yoga Class
  • 12:30 Intro to Didgeridoo workshop with Jeff (10 Student Limit) Preregister by 4/21
  • 1:30Maya guides you in the creation of a precious selenite wand. 10 Student limit.
  • 2:30Look for A Overflowing Heart Chakra in this Crystal Bowl Meditation With Marilyn
  • 2:30Sustain Your Self Care Workshop With Colleen
  • Awesome Products from Locals!
    • “Zen From Within” hand crafted Teas
    • “Lock House Studio pottery
    • Crystal Votives from “Guided Services”
    • Small batch, locally made soaps from “Free To Be”
    • Inspirational signs from “Coco & June”
    • Truffles from “Daisy Moon”
    • Crystals and Gemstones Justin Orndorf
  • Private Sessions
    • 9:30-3 – Private Session 30 Minute Balance Grounding Love With Sharon
    • 9:30-3 – Private Session 60 Minute Balance Grounding Love With Sharon
    • 10:00-5 – Private Aura Photo Aura Photos from AVILLION OF UNIVERSAL INSIGHT
    • 10:00-5 – Private Session Aura Photo with Aura Angelic Guidance Reading With Ingrid Jolly
    • 11:00-4 – Private Session Private Crystal Skull Meditation With Lory
    • ]]> Ganesha’s Trunk Show: Dotty For Dot Art Fri, 30 Mar 2018 21:44:19 +0000 Ever walk through a neighborhood and see a painted rock tucked in between a piece of fencing or planter? Captivating, a little magical, unexpected. This is exactly how you might feel when you paint your own piece.
      Wonder how that hidden artist does such a great job? Well think no further. Susan Daniels is that creative friend everyone likes to learn from. She invites you to come learn the art of dotting.

      This is a beginner class where you will discuss paints, tools, and techniques. You will complete a rock for a lovely gift, your garden, your home or to leave for someone as a random act of kindness.

      – Book Dotty For Dots –

      When: Ganesha’s trunk Show 4/28
      Time: 9:30AM
      Fee: $25

      Of course All supplies will be provided. 🙂 but PS… Register soon because only 10 spaces!

      Make Your Own Gemstone & Wire Rings! Thu, 18 May 2017 19:47:47 +0000 Healing Hands With Wire Wrapped Gemstone Rings!

      In this 1 hour class, you will make 2 wire rings using Gemstone beads for one ring and a raw crystal for the second ring. No previous experience necessary. All tools and supplies will be provided. This class is at 3:00-4:00 on 6/25/2017.

      – Book Gemstone & Wire Ring –

      Price: $25.00

      DIY: Get out of the FUNK Thu, 14 Jul 2016 16:28:58 +0000 Summer is halfway done and somehow there’s barely been the space to breath, let alone enjoy this summer to any extent.

      Well get out of that funk!

      We can’t always explain why we feel the way we do; yet we want to feel stronger in our minds, clear in our decision making, and confident about our actions.

      We have tools all around us, but we tend to forget our little friends.

      This blog came about since I, yes a yogi, have been “in the funk” for quite some time now.


      clown nose sad

      The first step to being funk-free is to identify the funk, or “issues”….

      What was getting me down was:

      1. lack of outdoor play
      2. lack of community
      3. lack of passion & inspiration

      In order to heal, I had to understand why I am “lacking”.

      1. I feel tired and would rather rest, so I do.
      2. College town = a constant change in friends and circles, making a solid community hard to acquire.
      3. If i’m not doing anything then no wonder I am uninspired!

      Understanding and identifying these issues was the first steps to get back to ME!

      nadia in flowers

      My first “Friend” was a Bach Flower Remedy.

      You’ve seen me posting on our Instagram and Facebook page about these funny little flower tinctures and how powerful and healing they are…. because they are!

      I took a questionnaire, made by Bach to help identify which flower, or flowers, I needed.

      Take the Questionnaire!

      I reviewed my marks and whatever flower had all 3-marks on it were my top necessity flowers.

      This was easy for me, as only one flower had all three marks and only two others has 2-marks.

      The result: Clematis*!


      According to Bach, and my test results, this pretty little flower was to be my hero!

      Reading more about Clematis, it dawned on me that really what I was lacking, was focus!

      I am a daydreamer.

      My alternate ego is a fairy, and this holds great responsibility for imagining a whole other world. Beyond the faerie realm is my bakery, my modeling career, and professional athlete career, and my plant/ animal connections.

      Bach was on point… I needed to ground my thoughts into this reality. Ironically, yogic exercises were recommended, which is great since I have been missing my passion for yoga.

      In the book, Bach Flower Therapy: Theory & Practice*, I was able to get a deeper understanding of the secrets of Clematis. Although some circumstances were extreme, these are the points that resonated with my case:

      • lost in thought, poor memory
      • floating sensation, as if anesthetized
      • needs lots of sleep
      • imaginative, artistic, romantic, but awkward in everyday life

      All of these points describe me.

      Clearly my body was off the norm, so I bought some Clematis and tested it out for 3 days straight while I worked.


      Day 1:

      I immediately noticed nothing. Perhaps it was just drinking more water that added focus. But I was able to get a lot of work done that day….

      Day 2:

      I was feeling really great on the second day. I had gone for a long hike and a mini yoga practice the day before (inspiration oncoming!) and I was ready to work.
      I drank my first of 4 glasses of water and immediately felt refreshed, strong and motivated. My brain was organized and I was able to be even more efficient at work.

      Day 3:

      I am about to finish this blog and I’ve only been at it for a little while. I have been successful in keeping my yoga/exercise routine alive. I have even managed to get a bike ride in with the girls! Yay community!

      I notice that I am definitely more focused at work, and have been able to be so clear in my thoughts that I have been leaving to-do lists for the next day.


      On a hike with all of my loves I was explaining to my boyfriend how I am writing this blog and how Bach Flowers, Clematis specifically, has been helping me.

      He was a bit confused as to how my “issues” were being resolved when Clematis is for focus.

      It does seem odd that these unrelated things are somehow connected. But they are.

      Instead of living in my faerie world and dreaming about the friends, adventures, and passion that I wish I had, I had become grounded.

      I am FOCUSED to get real goals achieved, I was PRESENT in connecting with community, and I was MOTIVATED to get out and have my adventures.

      My Final Thoughts:


      I have fallen in love with Bach Flowers; it’s magical how no matter what the funk is, it can be helped. Each powerful little flower has a purpose, and it’s waiting to help.

      My approach to “living well” is to be independent. To be able to help myself in the long run, but turn to helpful little friends like Essential Oils* or Bach Flower Rememdies.

      –> I did purchase the Rescue Remedy* for my dogs who have anxiety when I leave and who are sometimes easily stressed. IT HELPS!!! My house has never been so calm and quiet.


      *These items are available at Bliss!

      Please leave your comments & positive stories below!

      As always, thank you for reading!

      Nadia Caterina <3

      DIY Bliss: Sweet Summer Skin Wed, 29 Jun 2016 19:42:06 +0000 Welcome to my first official DIY BLISS Blog! This week I’d like to feature the ability to get Sweet Summer Skin!

      This is a DIY spa treatment that you can do in the privacy of your own home, so no one has too see the messy process of creation, application and purification!

      This Sweet Summer Skin spa was inspired by SUMMER TIME! And a little help from Taylor Cope behind the desk 🙂


      Really what I was feeling, was the peeling skin from my first burn and reminiscing how smooth and buttery my skin felt after my facial with Kaityln Stoner here at Bliss. I wanted to have that buttery feel ALL OVER!

      Get your own facial yummies!

      The plan is to make a Salt Scrub, Green Clay Face Mask, and Lotion.

      So I gather my ingredients (conveniently from the Bliss shelves) and a few things I already had at home.

      summer skin

      Saturday I was all alone and could indulge is all the relaxation and self-love.

      I began with the simplest first, Salt Scrub.

      In a little bowl I placed my salt, oil and essential oils. I chose grapefruit for it’s relaxing and uplifting qualities, and patchouli for its bug-repelling power. You can swap sugar for the salt or mix them. I chose salt since it’s summer and my skin doesn’t need excess moisturizing.

      So I just mixed these three loves together and noticed I wanted more oil (I used the Jojoba since I had it on hand) so I just added a little more until I got the consistency I wanted.

      Salt Scrub

      With that done, I took out another small bowl and began the face mask. Also a quick and easy mixture.making mask

      I scooped out my clay, a bit of honey, and I used frankincense since I knew that it’s great for skin healing and goodness. If you have a skin that is prone to blackhead or pimples I would recommend Tea Tree as it’s great for “cleaning dirt”.


      You can see mine is a bit grainy, so learn from my impatience. Mix mix mix!

      I mixed all this in before I added the water. I slowly add water and thoroughly mix and scrape as I go. I may not have used anymore than a 1tbs or so for this mixture. You want a smooth even consistency so when you put it on your face you don’t have chunks.

      Scrub and mask done, it was time to face my fears of making lotion.

      I has no idea how this would work; if my little blender would be strong enough. So many doubts, but I pushed on. I followed the directions from the blog I got the recipe from. I did change the recipe slightly as I thought it was a little too “waxy” for my desires.


      First I mixed the Aloe, Essential oils, and Vitamin E oil.


      Then slowly melted the beeswax and Jojoba oil.










      You can use any essential oils you have, but since this was to help me with sunburn, I chose the sandalwood and I like the combination with the uplifting tangerine. (FYI: citrus oils will burn if you hang out in the sun too long)

      The instructions say to cool the beeswax and jojoba before, and they mean it! Take your time.

      After the mixture is cooled ( but not too cool!) Turn on your trusty blender and SLOWLY add the aloe mix.

      I would have photographed this process, but I was sure I screwed something up and my heart was breaking. But keep on going folks! You have to do a ton of scrapping of sides, and blending, then more scraping, and so on. The directions say for about 10 minutes, and they mean it!

      My mixture looked like a marshmallow goop and water…. and then, like magic (of course), it all came together

      Observe the creamy yummy!

      Observe the creamy yummy!

      It looked so good!!! I wanted to eat it, which I could have if I didn’t add the sandalwood oil. (next time!)

      With the work done, I went to the garden and got myself sweaty, dirty, and ready for my well-deserved pampering. 

      I hopped in the shower and got my scrub on! I loved the salty taste as the scrub washed off of me, I felt like I was at the beach! The gorgeous red color and abrasive nature of the salt efficiently washed of all the dirt. Since the essential oils are anti-bacterial and anit-fungal I skipped the soap! The oil left my skin nice and moisturized after I toweled off.

      I Painted on the mask with a clean paint brush that I ONLY use for my masks. You can use a spoon, or fingers, or whatever you prefer…

      Since the clay dries out you want to be sure to wash it off BEFORE it dries. I washed it when I felt it tightening and drying.

      While the face dried I applied the lotion all over and LOVED the way it felt!

      Needless to say, I was happy and super smelly after my Sweet Summer Skin self-spa!

      Share your experience with these recipes below in the comments section!


      Shopping/ Ingredient list:

      Salt Scrub:

      1 cup ~ Red Alaea Sea Salt*( (read more…)
      1/2 cup ~ Oil* (Avocado, Coconut, etc.)
      2 tbs ~ Coffee Grinds (Optional & used is okay)
      15-20 drops ~ Essential Oils* (Grapefruit and Patchouli)

      Green Clay Face Mask:

      1 tbs ~ Powdered Green Clay*
      1/4 tsp ~ Organic Raw Honey (can find at Mountain People’s Co-Op)
      2 drops ~ Frankincense Essential Oil* (Tee Tree is good for cleaning dirt)


      1 cup ~ Aloe Vera Gel*
      1/3 cup ~ Grated Beeswax*
      1/2 cup ~ Jojoba Oil*
      1 tsp ~ Vitamin E Oil*
      15 drops ~ Essential Oils* (I am using Sandalwood and Tangerine Oil)

      *These items can be found at Bliss!*

      Tools Needed:

      Small pot
      Glass Measuring cup (or fashion a double boiler)
      Measuring cups & spoons
      Blender/ Vitamix


      As always, thank you for reading!

      Nadia Caterina <3

      The Ultimate DIY- Yes, You can create that! Mon, 20 Jun 2016 19:16:26 +0000 Any chance I get to make something myself at home for cheaper, and healthier… I go for it!

      The biggest hurdle for DIY projects is the ego: “that’s too complicated”, or “that’s expensive to make”. These are lies people!

      If I had to guess, it would be cheaper about 100% of the time to make something yourself, and only for some hard to find resources would something be too complex to achieve at home.

      Perhaps it’s my pioneer personality, but I often take on many Do It Yourself projects and crafts because I want to save money, and I want to make it organic. There is something beautiful that happens when I put in the heart and energy into creating something. I hardly need to use the example of how awesome fresh from scratch cookies taste.


      Bliss keeps many hard to find ingredients in stock for our homemade creations. Awesome!

      Each month I will be writing about my stories & experiences with these DIY projects using mostly products found here at BlissBlissBliss.

      Stay tuned for more DIY instructions and recipes!