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Did you get a Bliss Gift Certificate? What a beautiful way to start  the new year off!

We love it! We might be just as excited as you.

While our certificates never expire, we are going to encourage you to not hold off from scheduling your bliss. Imagine how relaxation moves through your body and creates space for calmer interactions with others. Imagine the transformation that starts within, just by feeling good.

We want to give a quick tour on how to use that gift certificate.

  • If you got a pdf version of your gift certificate, the bar code has a number on it that can be used in replace of booking with a credit card. If you got one of our in-house versions, you might see that number hand written on the back.
  • Know that if you loose your certificate we can find it in our database. It will be in your name and cross referenced from the name of the person who purchased it for you. If they made it out to “Mom”, we can still find it sorted by their name.
  • If you just want to call and book by talking with a real a person, I do answer all voice mails. Leave me a message here (304-413- 0270). If you call from a cell phone, our robot will try and help you book until I get to you. You can type “speak to a receptionist” and I will get to your message as soon as I can.
  • Sometimes people are not sure which service is best for them. Give me a call, I am happy to listen to what you need, what you love and find the best fit.

Our booking site sorts our services like so:

Consultation | Events | Intuitive Services | Massages | Spa | Therapy | Wellness or Integrative | Yoga

You can follow each category to find the service you would love to book and then book that way.

If you want a different view to navigate, try this one that might be better optimized for browsing from the cell phone.

Know that we just are not set up for drop in. While you might find a same day massage or bodywork appointment, the best option is to plan ahead

THANK YOU for supporting our collective of small bliss businesses. While it may look a big facility, we are really a bunch of heart centered skilled professional yoga teachers, massage therapists and bodyworkers. We each individually set our own hours and work together to make the bliss space warm, inviting and homey enough for you to find the space to flow and transform.

Unlike most larger businesses in our industry, we do not have reception. We prefer to make lasting relationships with you and each of us support the bliss shop before and after our sessions. I am happy to schedule a bliss shop visit for you to come in and browse at your leisure.

Being in Bliss is extraordinary and we all believe that you deserve this!

We can’t wait to see you soon.



What is in the Bliss Shop: Crystals, Incense, DoTERRA essential oils, DIY supplies, face and body care items, Faire trade textiles from Hilos_co, Hand poured candles, Grid cloths, Inspirational decks, yoga props and supplies, cards, journals and more. We try to fill our shop with relaxation inducing goods from makers who are USA made and small batch. We are not big box, but our prices are fair and represent a deep support of our community. 

How to arrange virtual shopping and curbside pick up? Leave me a message by calling 304-413-0270 or send us an e-mail at Since I am a working massage therapist and yoga teacher who also sees clients, I do not keep shop hours but I do answer all messages left for us. If no message is left, I do not call back.

Follow us on Facebook to see the latest new classes, new products and other information. Don’t have Facebook? Look at the Schedule page on our website and scroll down to see our FB posts there (bottom right corner).

See you at BlissBlissBliss!



Crystals For Your Chakras Sat, 03 Oct 2020 11:56:11 +0000 One way to connect deeper with the chakra system is to learn about the archetypes that get manifested as we move through our lives.
As we unfold to rise up we can turn to crystals and their gentle energy to remind us that these archetypes are a process we all go through on many levels as we embrace our personal hero’s journey.

In this class we learn about the 7 main chakras, the dual archetypes of each chakra and the crystals that support each chakra with a specific focus on the archetype. Bonus material includes some crystals that can bridge the energy between chakras to help create a synergistic whole.

Come embrace your hero self and delight in another aspect of your crystal life.
Price: $15
Date: 10/10/20
Time: 12:30

Note: Class limited to a socially distanced 8. If an in person class is not for you, contact to request a live zoom or a pre-recorded video class.

– Join This In Person Class

When Small Businesses Support Each Other – We All Win Sat, 03 Oct 2020 10:36:40 +0000 Festivals cancelled, vendor fairs cancelled, fun events cancelled! Yep 2020 is almost over and we decided to do something sweet and positive. We invited some small business friends to Bliss to set up their tables and give us all a chance to exchange greetings and hopefully pick up a few treasures.

We love crystals at Bliss! We know you do too, so we invited our friend Justin from Winchester Virginia down to visit us. We usually see him at the Festival of Lights in Berkeley Springs.

We also invited Eddie Spaghetti Art to set up shop. You would have missed them at Cheat Fest but now you get to pick up one of their prints full of West Virginia flora, fauna and whimsy!

Guess who else will be with us? Angela Carver is bringing her fun little sign business, “Art By Angela“. These are such great gifts and are sure to bring a smile to your face.

And we absolutely could not host an event and not have “Our Sweet Maya” here with us from Crystal Chick. We are overjoyed that she will get to come and bring us new stock of wire wrapped crystals. She calls them her pretties. You will too!

If you have been in the bliss shop recently, you might have seen the Little Wizards earring display. These creations are made by Ava Reynolds in between her busy senior year at WVU. We love the delicate pieces she brings to life. You might even see Eddie with a secret smile on his face, since he was her art teacher way back when.

There is another new small business in town that you might have been hearing about. Yes “Joy and Hemp“, will be bringing their tinctures, bath bombs, soaps and massage oils. Nothing like hemp to beguile the senses and if that does not make you melt then Jenn Hastings’s smile surely will.

One of the first friends Bliss ever made was Eli Pollard. He’ll REPRESENT Mountain Nerds with his wild and wonderful and sometimes trippy creations.

We might have one other guest business joining us so stay tuned or just stop by and explore this mask friendly, people friendly gathering from 10-4 on Saturday Oct. 10.

See our insta page iamblisswv for eye candy

Crystals: Merging Intention With Intuition Fri, 04 Sep 2020 20:29:26 +0000 Crystals: Merging Intention With Intuition

In this class we play with 24 crystals. Learn their uses, understand the role they can play in your grids and tap into your intuition to discover what you are ready to attract. You go home with a delightful set of 24 crystals.
Price: $55

Meet your crystal box: Smokey Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Clear Quartz, Emerald, Sodalite, Fluorite, Amethyst, Orchid Calcite, Lepidolite, Tiger’s Eye, Mangano Calcite, Black Obsidian, Howlite, Green Aragonite, Hematite, Rose Quatz, Orange Calcite, Coffee Obsidian, Mookaite, Sodalitic with Blue Quartz, Diopside, Red Jasper, White Argonite and Fucsite

– Join This In Person Class

Crystals Energy / Life Energy Wed, 10 Jun 2020 17:06:51 +0000 Crystal Grid For Abundance

True story,

Deep into the night, the new moon insisted that i heed the call, to bring forth from the silence a class on crystals and their energy. To teach a class that helps you know why your crystals work the way they work. A class that helps weave together your current circumstances to your future embodied you. A class that helps you create a personalized script and a ceremony with the foundation of sacred geometry as the backdrop of your grid” – Elizabeth

Create Sacred Space

This video class is more than choosing crystals to bring in “Abundance & Prosperity“! We all want and deserve this! The magic of this class is the depth of instruction you get and the way the class offers insight in gridding with crystals that can be used over and over again and for many other grids.

In these 7 video modules we say;

  • Yes! To learning about sacred geometry in general and why specifically the “Flower of Life” design is the perfect back drop for your Manifesting Abundance grid.
  • Yes! To having a full set (27 to be exact) of amazing, quality crystals. This set is specific to manifesting abundance but you will be able to use them with many other grids.
  • Yes! To a crash course on setting specific abundance intentions around each crystal in your set. Along the way, you discover emotions and subtle blocks that can hamper your abundance mindset.
  • Yes! To learning about each specific crystal in your set but also to learning the not often taught crystalline class structure. Knowing which class your crystal belongs to helps you understand both the job that each crystal does as well as the role it plays in your grid (attracter, seeker, barrier etc.).  This will make all future gridding even more successful.
  • Yes! To creating a beautiful at home grid ceremony with tips on creating sacred space.

With this class you learn to fill your grid with meaning and potent energy.

Price: $66

Order via Pay Pal Crystal Grid For Abundance

Meet your crystal kit: 3 Aventurine, 3 Citrine, 3 Tiger’s eye, 2 Andean Jade, 2 Malachite, 2 Garnet, 2 Pyrite, 1 Smokey Quartz Piller, 2 Lemon Topaz, 2 Iolite, 4 Labradorite and 1 Flower of Life Crystal Grid Cloth plus 7 video modules.


The Crystal Body: A Reiki and Guided Meditation With Sound Therapy Experience Sat, 30 Nov 2019 21:00:44 +0000 We love creating spaces where the group energy can be amplified in healing! Marilyn, Lauren and Elizabeth are so tuned into providing a group event where everyone receives Reiki, surrounded by crystals and sound therapy.

We created the Crystal Body so that you can enjoy an hour and 45 minutes of Sound Therapy, Guided Meditation, and Reiki with Crystals.

We announce the chakra when you come to class – Lauren, Marilyn & Elizabeth

Say yes to meditation, reiki, crystal bowls, crystals and a teaching that will resonate. Wear comfortable clothing. After your check in, we will meet in the upstairs Shiva Yoga room.

Register to hold your spot – – This event is billed at registration – No Refunds. Send a Friend in your place if you cannot attend last minute.


Plan for a repeat of this class but with a different meditation and chakra/crystal teaching

– Crystal Body Session – Jan. 31, 2020
– Crystal Body Session – April 17, 2020
– Crystal Body Session – May 29, 2020

A Crystal Grid Honoring The Moon Tue, 28 May 2019 23:46:57 +0000 By Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds


I was thinking about the moon phases and how since ancient times humans have followed the moon. With careful study, people learned when they could expect edible plants to emerge, when to put seeds in the ground and when to harvest crops. Moon phases helped to mark celebrations and helped people navigate on long journeys.

There was this picture that I found some time ago that captured the moon as it traveled from new to full and what struck me as absolutely beautiful was how that natural arc created an infinity symbol. Ah Sacred geometry is everywhere!  Hats off to the photographer Giorgia Ofer for this image!

We recently got some grid cloths in the #shopbliss. One of the designs is the infinity symbol and of course it caused me to reflect on this image and how fun it would be to make a grid that represented not only the infinity symbol but also the phases of the moon. This led me to reading more about the moon phases and their emotional meaning. I’ve curated 2 nice reads that tie these ideas together (listed below).  You might think about crystals for your grid that represent:

  1. New MoonNew Beginnings – You will use crystals that support retreat, recharge and going within. Adventurine or lepidolite would be my pick.
  2. Waxing crescent – Honor Your Emotions – Set intentions and think of your hopes and dreams. Choose crystals that support the heart because this is where the best life is led from. Rutile is a a fine choice.
  3. 1st QuarterTake Action – Find crystals that represent taking action on challenges and help with decisions. Consider Dumortierte.
  4. Waxing GibbousStay The Course – Choose crystals that help you stay the course and/or support you as you refine or re-evaluate (the Goddess always has a choice and she might love carnelian).
  5. Full MoonHarvest Time – While you might notice polarities in life during this phase choose crystals  that help you be open to receive. Think about serpentine.
  6. Waning GibbousGratitude Time – Go big on this one! Gratitude is the spice of life – Makes everything more tasty. Boodstone is worth considering.
  7. Last QuarterRelease – What can you release or let go of? What stones will help you forgive? Crystals that clear the electromagnetic field will be good here too. Malachite is fun.
  8. Waning CrescentJust Be At Peace – Choose that support the surrender of willfulness and help you find deep rest.  Going to recommend smokey Quartz.

Which ever stones you choose, your intentions will amplify the effect. Be sure to touch each stone with your hands, your heart and mind as you place them on the grid. Leave your grid up for the full moon cycle and enjoy the energy!



Healing Crystals That Help You During Each Moon Phase

Crystal Grids 101 Sat, 18 May 2019 20:53:16 +0000 By Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds

You like crystals and want to do more with them. You love to set intentions with your crystals but would like to know more about the many styles of grids. In this class we explore more sacred geometry to discover how your intentions and the energy of your crystals can be magnified. We will get a primer on what the various grid shapes represent so that you can support your intentions with a fantastic grid.

We will learn all of this and go a step further feeling the energy of various crystals. You will compare the feelings you experience when holding attractor, enhancer, guardian, barrier and dispeller crystals.

How empowering it will be to know which crystals fall into these classes.

When: June 8th at 12:30PM

Book Now: Class is limited to 12 

Price: $44

You will go home with crystals and a grid cloth.

Sacred Geometry – Integration Through MerKaBa Tue, 29 Jan 2019 16:18:14 +0000 Sacred Geometry – Integration Through MerKaBa is part of the “Develop Your Intuition- Live Your Intention” Series.

Let’s learn about the electromagnetic version of you called the MerKaBa. This class includes a brief history, the visual sacred geometry of the form, a meditation technique to activate and integrate. Participants also get a MerKaBa pendulum. We will build in time to practice connecting in MerKaBa reality using this pendulum.

You are the light on your path and you have friends along the way. – Elizabeth

$39 includes a beautiful MerKaBa Pendulum.

– Sacred Geometry – Integration Through MerKaBa –

When: Saturday March 2, 2019
Time: 12:30 – 2:00 PM
price: $39 includes MerKaBa Pendulum

This class is capped at 13 participants. Please register to confirm and reserve your spot. Until then, enjoy this Sri Yantra Meditation Image.

This small group class is part of a monthly series. We will meet each month on the first Saturday of the month at 12:30 PM. Each class in this series offers with your class fee, an item to work with, a skill to learn and a meditative space to tap into higher consciousness.

One Day! One Place! One Blissed Out YOU! Mon, 16 Apr 2018 14:07:59 +0000 Join US for ALL the fun at Ganesha’s Trunk Show on April 28th

Create your perfect Bliss day!