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Do you love our contemplative sessions? We sure do! Be sure to make a plan to attend Marilyn’s Meditation. Yes this class is tomorrow night, and it is a great place to practice meditation techniques in a group and enjoy her fabulous crystal singing bowls. What a fantastic way to start out your new year!

We have classes and workshops that cover the physical and the metaphysical.  Join us to delve into the proverbial “Mind, Body, Spirit”. On the metaphysical side check out Monthly Messages From Spirit With Tonya on the 21st.

If you want a class that allows you to experience Reiki in a group, singing bowls and a teaching on crystals, then make a plan to come to The Crystal Body Experience With Lauren, Marilyn & Elizabeth on the 31st. If you love your Sunday restorative class and want to really RESTORE HARD, then join us (Heidi, Lauren and Elizabeth) on the 10th for Spa Restorative.

Do you love a donation based yoga class? We have a few more of the the Moonbow Wellness Yoga Teacher Training graduates offering some donation classes this Month. Make a plan on supporting them and their charity. Every new teacher will be really appreciative of your attendance at one of their classes. You can read more about these classes here: Donation-based Yoga Classes.

While, Bliss did take a break in offering weekly happy hour donation classes in 2019. We are about to launch a class that is donation based in 2020. Kelly Nix will lead us through this very soon.

Oh yes! Kelly is back on Sundays for Hot Yoga at 9am. Zach & Rachel are back on Mondays at 5:30 for Ashtanga and soon we will have Emma on Fridays at Noon for a Yoga Lunch Express class.

Please help us spread the word that the Application Deadline for the Moonbow Wellness YTT training is February 3. Yoga Teacher Training is for ANYONE who wants to deepen their yoga experience with a regular monthly training. It truly is a wonderful experience even if you never plan to teach a class.

And how about our celebrations of the moon! Sarah offers her Full Moon Ceremony on the 9th. Then on the 24th come set some New Year or just new moon intentions with Sarah and Elizabeth.

Shifting into the physical body we have lots of offerings. Our yearly Bliss / Sargasso clean eating event starts the 15th. Your registration needs to be in to Mary Angel by the 9th: Bliss / Sargasso Clean Eating Event.

Those of you with a regular yoga practice are going to really tap into Melita’s Arm Balancing & Inversion Workshop on the 11th.  It is so fun to have time to explore these poses with the Melita. She promises to challenge you and make it fun!

In our world view we like to say that yoga IS for EVERYBODY. Yes even those of you with low back pain. Share this with anyone you know who is ready to explore yoga as a positive tool (Yoga Therapy For Low Back Pain).  Melita has offered this before and people still talk about what a difference it has made. This class is on the 12th and will go a long way to getting “you” on the mat regularly and supporting you with low back pain.

Speaking of getting on the mat regularly, Lauren and Heidi wanted to be your guides this year in helping you develop a home practice. This will be MUCH more than yoga, so you really want to check out “EnCompass You” on the 24th. 

Can you tell that we love to offer training to the community? Marilyn has Reiki I on the 25th. Then we round out the January offerings with a special training  for the Yoga teachers in our community on the 22nd. Read more about this class that Heidi has planned for us: Welcoming Pregnant Women in Group Yoga Classes. 

As always, we look forward to being your BlissBlissBliss. If you can’t make a class or workshop, hopefully you’ll book a massage or some body/energy work with us soon.

Until then,

Happy 2020!


PS for an at a glance version of our events go here

For an at a glance version of our weekly calendar go here

Friends Of Cheat Major Donors Get Some Bliss Mon, 29 Apr 2019 15:40:04 +0000 By Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds

My friend and fellow massage therapist / doterra business partner Lauren Stinespring has been playing in the Cheat Fest Kids tent since “forever”.

She and I were talking the other day about making a special essential oil blend for the festival. We thought it would be so fun to honor the major donors with a gift bag from bliss and include this blend in the bag.

We had to pick a crystal to represent what this celebration is all about. We chose Unakite. This form of  Jasper according to the crystal vault, “brings together the abundant, nurturing energy of green with the soft, caring passion of pink in one of Nature’s most healing crystals of the heart and mind. It resonates with the frequency of love, compassion and kindness, and is a stone dedicated to balancing the emotional body.”

Once we got started with giving, we could not help but be inspired to do just a little more.  We put in all of these awesome doterra samples that make any overnight smell good / feel good.

Next, we added an incense brick from one of our favorite incense vendors Incienso de Santa Fe (Incienso de Santa Fe is a small family-owned and operated manufacturer of natural and sustainable wood incense bricks).

I am imagining all the happy festival goers celebrating all that our friends of the cheat do for WV. We hope the donors love their Bliss Bag too!

We hope to see you at the festival!


Elizabeth & Lauren






Down By The River – In Celebration Of The Cheat Mon, 29 Apr 2019 14:21:07 +0000 By Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man. – Heraclitus

Loving West Virginia is pretty easy. You open your door and you are met with all the greens and blues from grasses to trees to amazing rivers. You hear the bird song. Any trek in the woods can literally bring you to your knees in respect, admiration and gratitude for this precious place.

Loving West Virginia does come at a cost though. We have to fight for her. We have to work at caring for her. We have to devote energy to her. Our friends over at “the friends of the Cheat” totally know what it takes to dedicate time, money, energy, inspiration and dedication to keep the 78 miles of the cheat thriving.

To get a sense of ALL the hard work with real accomplishments West Virginians have taken to manifest the Cheat we like to “love on”, take a moment to read this excellent synopsis of what has been happening the last 25 years.

In honor of all the things it takes to keep creative, inspired, heartfelt flow to the health and vitality of the beautiful river Cheat, Lauren and I put our heads together and created this essential oil blend. Major donors (and cheat staff) will find this blend in their welcome bag.

You can make this special “Down By The River” blend too. You will combine equal parts Wild Orange, Spearmint, Lavender and Cypress with a carrier oil and put in roller bottle or skip the carrier oil and put this blend in your diffuser.

Wild Orange: We have to do the hard things! Our future really depends upon it. But guess what? When we do hard things from a space of inspiration, we can foster creative solutions. Hard can still be FUN!

Spearmint: When we use our voices with clarity and confidence, we find connection and meaning with our community. We gain momentum with a common purpose.

Lavender: This oil of calm communication means that we will connect with the heart when we express what is worth fighting for. It is importance to find balance and manage the things we have. Lavender lets us move out of overwhelm. Calm abiding!

Cypress: Like this beautiful river, we can’t let anything block her motion and flow. Rivers and waterways embody flexibility and flow. Cypress knows how to move forward even when things feel difficult or stuck.

Combined together we inhale inspiration with a KNOWING that abundance in our rivers is our birthright. With Clarity and confidence we will let our hearts guide us to DO EVERYTHING we can to support this beautiful river.  All of us can can be her steward so that all the generations will know her beauty and live in her embodied flow. Hope to see you at the festival.

Read what else is in the 2019 “Friends Of The Cheat” Donor’s Bliss Bag.

Hope you enjoy this “Down By The River Blend”