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Do you love our contemplative sessions? We sure do! Be sure to make a plan to attend Marilyn’s Meditation. Yes this class is tomorrow night, and it is a great place to practice meditation techniques in a group and enjoy her fabulous crystal singing bowls. What a fantastic way to start out your new year!

We have classes and workshops that cover the physical and the metaphysical.  Join us to delve into the proverbial “Mind, Body, Spirit”. On the metaphysical side check out Monthly Messages From Spirit With Tonya on the 21st.

If you want a class that allows you to experience Reiki in a group, singing bowls and a teaching on crystals, then make a plan to come to The Crystal Body Experience With Lauren, Marilyn & Elizabeth on the 31st. If you love your Sunday restorative class and want to really RESTORE HARD, then join us (Heidi, Lauren and Elizabeth) on the 10th for Spa Restorative.

Do you love a donation based yoga class? We have a few more of the the Moonbow Wellness Yoga Teacher Training graduates offering some donation classes this Month. Make a plan on supporting them and their charity. Every new teacher will be really appreciative of your attendance at one of their classes. You can read more about these classes here: Donation-based Yoga Classes.

While, Bliss did take a break in offering weekly happy hour donation classes in 2019. We are about to launch a class that is donation based in 2020. Kelly Nix will lead us through this very soon.

Oh yes! Kelly is back on Sundays for Hot Yoga at 9am. Zach & Rachel are back on Mondays at 5:30 for Ashtanga and soon we will have Emma on Fridays at Noon for a Yoga Lunch Express class.

Please help us spread the word that the Application Deadline for the Moonbow Wellness YTT training is February 3. Yoga Teacher Training is for ANYONE who wants to deepen their yoga experience with a regular monthly training. It truly is a wonderful experience even if you never plan to teach a class.

And how about our celebrations of the moon! Sarah offers her Full Moon Ceremony on the 9th. Then on the 24th come set some New Year or just new moon intentions with Sarah and Elizabeth.

Shifting into the physical body we have lots of offerings. Our yearly Bliss / Sargasso clean eating event starts the 15th. Your registration needs to be in to Mary Angel by the 9th: Bliss / Sargasso Clean Eating Event.

Those of you with a regular yoga practice are going to really tap into Melita’s Arm Balancing & Inversion Workshop on the 11th.  It is so fun to have time to explore these poses with the Melita. She promises to challenge you and make it fun!

In our world view we like to say that yoga IS for EVERYBODY. Yes even those of you with low back pain. Share this with anyone you know who is ready to explore yoga as a positive tool (Yoga Therapy For Low Back Pain).  Melita has offered this before and people still talk about what a difference it has made. This class is on the 12th and will go a long way to getting “you” on the mat regularly and supporting you with low back pain.

Speaking of getting on the mat regularly, Lauren and Heidi wanted to be your guides this year in helping you develop a home practice. This will be MUCH more than yoga, so you really want to check out “EnCompass You” on the 24th. 

Can you tell that we love to offer training to the community? Marilyn has Reiki I on the 25th. Then we round out the January offerings with a special training  for the Yoga teachers in our community on the 22nd. Read more about this class that Heidi has planned for us: Welcoming Pregnant Women in Group Yoga Classes. 

As always, we look forward to being your BlissBlissBliss. If you can’t make a class or workshop, hopefully you’ll book a massage or some body/energy work with us soon.

Until then,

Happy 2020!


PS for an at a glance version of our events go here

For an at a glance version of our weekly calendar go here

Yoga: Ancient Technology – Modern Twists Thu, 02 Jan 2020 19:14:01 +0000 Oh Yoga! We love it at Bliss. One of the things that we are happily KNOWN for in our commUNITY is the variety of yoga styles we have at bliss. We encourage students to take as many of our classes as possible. Explore styles and teachers. Students often call in wanting to know more about yoga. Here is some information about yoga and our class approach.

You will probably find that no matter which class you come to, it will be “Just what you needed”

Every class can be considered beginner friendly (if you follow the golden rule to “listen to your body”!). Likewise, the beginner level and gentle classes are just as effective for the experienced yogi. We encourage you to come to ALL classes that fit your schedule. Each teacher offers you a unique experience and your practice gets better the more yoga that you do.

Our classes are walk in friendly. You can purchase a walk in class or class package or yoga membership before or after class. Membership packages are designed for that month’s use. Packages are good for 1 year. Pass sharing is NOT possible.

Vinyasa styles (can be a faster flow between poses):

Some classes will flow faster than others and typically have the word vinyasa in the title. Ashtanga tends to have a faster pace but the poses never change and you can really chart your progress in technical ability with this class. Classes with the word flow in the title can also means that a traditional series like the sun salute is built into the class but slower aspects are also part of the class. In general all Vinyasa or flow classes are going to have folds, twists, along with standing and seated postures.

  • Good Morning Vinyasa: Thursday at 9:30am
  • Hot Vinyasa Yoga: Saturday / Sunday at 9AMm and Thursdays at 5:30PM
  • Ashtanga: Monday at 5:30PM
  • Mindful Movement: Some Saturdays at 11AM, Tuesdays at 5:30PM
  • Yoga Lunch Express: Tuesday and Thursday and Friday at 12PM
  • Evening Yoga: Tuesdays at 6PM
  • Bliss Flow: Fridays at 9AM

Gentle styles (generally a slower flow or longer holds):

Some classes will have you hold poses longer. When the title has the word “gentle” in it, you know that it is designed to go slower and will be easier on the body parts that typically have had a lot of wear and tear (knees, ankles, wrists). Some classes like Chakra Yoga or Bliss Flow will have more chanting built in to the class. When the word Beginners in the class, know that the focus is on using every day terminology (vs. sanscrit names) for poses. Getting the student prepared for any class is the focus. Come to class, try it out or read the class description before attending.

  • Gentle Yoga: Monday at 9AM, Tuesday at 9:30AM
  • Chakra Yoga: Wednesday at 9AM
  • Bliss Flow: Friday at 9:30AM
  • Yoga for Beginners: Wednesday at 6:30PM

Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy:
Not every pose is going to feel good when pregnant or postpartum. Some poses will support you all the way through labor, delivery and recovery.

  • Bliss Mama Prenatal Yoga Tuesday at 9:30AM and Thursdays at 6PM
  • Bliss Mama & Baby Yoga – Once a month. Please check online calendar.

SLOW WAY Down Styles:
The slowest paced classes are yin and restorative yoga. These classes use bolsters, pillows, blankets and props. Most all the poses are on the floor and poses can be challenging as the require total mindfulness and conscious relaxation. Something that can be hard for most humans these days.

  • Yin to Restore Monday at 6:30PM, Wednesday at 12PM, Some Saturdays at 11AM
  • Restorative Yoga: Sunday at 3:30PM
  • Candle Light Yin: Select Sundays following sunset times. Check online

Hot Classes

The hot classes use full spectrum infrared heat (it’s a dry heat). These are taught in a vinyasa flow style with focus on a balanced series of postures. You work up a sweat and our heated room helps limber up.

  • Hot Vinyasa Saturday / Sunday at 9AM, Thursday at 5:30PM

We love kids at bliss! They will need their own pass and of course get student rates. Be sure to read the class description as some age groups need an parent/guardian present.

  • Tiny Trees Friday at 10AM, Monday at 5:30PM
  • Yoga Starz Check Calendar for Special Class

Be sure to read class descriptions here and talk to us about what you are looking for. Note that some classes are not held weekly or times change seasonally, or are shared between teachers. We often offer specialized yoga workshops. Check online schedule.

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

We know you will find at least 3 you LOVE!