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Candlelight Goddess Yoga With Heidi

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By Heidi Sherwin

Delight in the Goddess Glow!

There is a space that awaits you, a healing space to nurture and support you… a welcoming space for joy and celebration of the Goddess within you. This space is for YOU… come in, feel alive, release, share, and delight in the Goddess glow!

With great joy, I announce the arrival of a monthly yoga class devoted specifically to and for women. Candlelight Goddess Yoga honors my interest in women-centered issues and creating a space through yoga to welcome every woman’s right to self-healing, positive transformation and emotional balance. The class is dedicated to the Goddess within every woman and awakening this wisdom, strength and love in a nurturing and encouraging communal atmosphere.

In each class, we will tune into our inner-Goddess, surrounded by the relaxing glow of candlelight—a perfect tonic for the end of the day or to jumpstart your weekend. We will awaken and energize the breath, body and mind with creative gentle vinyasa (flow) sequences that integrate feminine-focused asanas (postures). Restorative poses, trataka meditation (candle gazing) and deep relaxation will conclude each class to soothe and ground the body/mind.

If you are along the female continuum of teenager to post-menopause, Goddess Yoga is for you. I also invite pregnant women to participate, as the class is prenatal friendly. All levels are welcome to attend.

Candlelight Goddess Yoga is held once a month.
During Spring & Summer, class is held at 8PM. During Fall and Winter, class is at 7:30PM
Fee: $15/class or use yoga pass

Candlelight Goddess Yoga will allow you to…

  • Celebrate your inner Goddess
  • Feel Balanced… physically, mentally, emotionally
  • Be Strong, inside and out
  • Nurture yourself with self-care, loving-kindness and compassion
  • Welcome joy and happiness into your life
  • Instill a sense of community with other women
  • Be You… Unique, authentic, radiant YOU

About Heidi: I love to work in a thematic nature to inspire and enrich our yoga practice on and off the mat. The ongoing theme for the 5-class series will be the Five Elements (ether, air, water, fire, & earth). On August 30, we will begin with the element of Ether/space to establish our Goddess space for healing, balance, strength, joy, and the essential element of feminine connection: a compassionate and nonjudgmental community. I look forward to seeing you at Candlelight Goddess Yoga! If you have questions or would like more information, feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Joyful Blessings & Goddess Delight! Heidi

Love to Know your coming! The benefit of signing up to classes at Bliss is that you will be notified should a class get cancelled.