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How does a Facial help your skin?

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If you are like me, then when think of a facial you are left with complete confusion as to what that entails.

When we hired on Kaitlyn, our new cosmetologist, to Bliss I was mystified as to what a facial was all about. As she talked, I sat wide-eyed, as if I was being told the secrets of the universe.

There are many products that can be used on the face and skin, and I am a little picky about what I put on my skin. I know that whatever stays on the skin for 20 minutes will be in the body. I have heard of intense chemical peels and wraps that can be used, but I was looking for something a little more nutritious. Girl with a beautician at spa salon. Beautician performs cosmetic procedures.applying cosmetic mask by brush. Cosmetology, facial, beauty - The concept of facial skin care.

Kaitlyn explained how she likes to use natural and organic ingredients for her facials and waxes.

Fruits, Vegetables, honey, and clay are just a few examples of ingredients that can be used in a mask or exfoliation. Some ingredients, like mangos, can help with Vitamine D and beta cartoene which creates the “glowing skin” look. Each session is unique for each client depending on their skin type.

As a yoga teacher I know how much stress is held in the face, neck, and jaw so having someone exfoliate and massage the face is a pretty delicious treat. Longer sessions means more human touch, which has been known to improve overall health and well being. A facial is your bubble of time to relax and let go.

All of this sounded so good, and when I don’t have much time, a facial could take place of a massage. I booked online. Since I had time, I made it an hour… so that I could thoroughly investigate the secrets of a facial.

Beautiful young woman getting a face treatment at beauty salon.

So here I am laying on the table for my first ever paid face scrub. I was ecstatic! I told everyone I was getting one and I could not wait!

My session began with getting my hair tucked back by a towel-headband that Kaitlyn fashioned. I closed my eyes and took three deep breaths of aromatherapy. She began to gently massage my face and jaw and I began to relax. It felt like two people where working on me at the same time, her hands were magic!

A hot towel had been laid across my neck and was wrapped over my face, leaving a cute little nose hole so that I could breath.

It’s the little things like this that confirm that your in the hands of a professional.

Slowly my face was massaged with the towel and my face was prime for my cleanser. With each application of serum, exfoliant, and mask I was greeted with a warm towel cleaning and face massage. I struggled to keep awake. I had to take mental notes to properly recollect this experience in the blog; then she began to massage my head.

I felt my leg twitch and knew that I had fallen asleep a while ago. I was happy to wake up to my arms getting massaged. One at a time, the tension in my hands and arms were being worked out. The upper body massage ended with a little more shoulder work and once again, a hot towel kissed my face.

The final moisturizer was being applied; she gently tapped all over my face with her fingers. It felt like a bunch of little kisses all over me. I couldn’t help but smile to this sweet wake up call.

Happy, but wishing I booked a 90 minute, Kaitlyn did one final head massage. She left the room so that I could continue to melt into the table for a few minutes longer.


My final opinion of a Facial: This was the most amazing facial cleansing experience I have ever had. I was very satisfied with Kaitlyn’s expertise and the natural products she used on my face. The hour massage included the head, neck, shoulder, and arm massage, and it was well worth it. My favorite part was the hot towel and the way she massaged my nose. Beyond the physical benefits, I felt more confident. Emotional power boosts are always a welcome gift.


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