Calming Stress & Balancing Emotions

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Continuing Education for Essential Oils

Date: 3/2/15
Fee: $12

The management of mood is not an exact science.  It is best to take an integrative approach to try and understand it.   Integrative medicine is the wave of the future, the “medicine of the 21st century.”  Essential oils are an indigenous therapy that has stood the test of time.  They have been used all over the world throughout the ages for physical andemotional homeostasis.  YOU are the expert on your body.  Your health is in your hands.  “Are you open to the idea that anti-depressants don’t work for everyone?”

The medicine model fixates on diagnostics and treatment, whereas a Wellness model focuses on lifestyle, vibrant health and prevention.  The disease is not the problem.  How do essential oils work so well in the body?  EMOTIONS and OILS work on your receptor sites!  

A common theme with many psychoactive drugs are, “They numbed my pain, but also numbed my joy.”

We are multisensory beings and we require a multisensory approach to wellness. Smell triggers immediate emotional response. Your nose is an extension of your brain.  Your olfactory system has direct brain access.  Knowing what to do when stressed and then doing it is the key to wellness.

How you feel affects how you show up in life.  If you don’t feel good, physically OR emotionally, the odds that you will want to perform your life purpose at home or abroad, are significantly diminished.  Your health is your greatest asset at home, in business and in LIFE.  Join us to explore these concepts further.

Teacher: Amy Widmer