Breath Integration & Rebirthing

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Breath Integration & Rebirthing with Laurel Faulkenberry

Breath Integration (also known as Rebirthing) provides a unique experience to reset away form current patterns of breathing that may be impacting your stress level. For clients suffering from stored stresses, pain, and emotional trauma, Breath Integration offers and excellent opportunity to explore the unconscious effect breathing has on the human body. Conscious Breath Integration can also help the client identify limiting beliefs that are formed throughout life. This is an opportunity to connect with your breath that is different from experiences found through yoga and meditation. With Laurel’s guidance, this is a powerful, safe, and gentle way to bring to the surface an awareness of issues that need clearing. Developed in the early 70’s Breath Integration has been practiced by many thousands of people throughout the world and recognized as a powerful, efficient healing method.
Breath techniques are said to create space in your life for joy, love, health, prosperity and functional relationships. After experiencing a guided Breath Integration session with Laurel, clients report feeling a profound sense of relaxation, refocusing and renewal of the human body, mind and spirit. They frequently report significant changes on long standing issues.

Client Testimonial: “In the rebirthing process I was led into a gentle place of connection to Source Energy. This technique allowed me to relax into a state of deep, rhythmic breathing, inviting and allowing my mind to release mental noise. This release in turn brought me to a feeling state of being loved and supported as well as feeling encouraged to continue the journey of this incarnation, bringing light and love to myself and to all of creation.” CF

* Making long awaited changes.
* Psychosomatic ailments.
* Relationship and sexual issues.
* Feeling stuck, shutdown, blocked.
* Emotional release work.
* Recurrent negative patterns.
* Traumatic births.

For more information rebirthing, contact Laurel Faulkenberry at Laurel has been a facilitator and trainer of Breath Integration for 20 years. She is also a licensed counselor with a primary focus of helping others heal emotional pain by learning the art of living in the present moment and the forgiveness of themselves and others.

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