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tour de bliss

check out our latest video of the tour of our new h(OM)e! come see it in person! namaste

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couples massage

don’t know what to get your sweetheart for valentine’s day? how about a gift that you can enjoy as well?! BlissBlissBliss¬†offers a couple massages that is designed as the perfect bonding experience: you’ll start with a 1/2 hour reflexology treatment while enjoying some sparkling wine (or juice if you prefer or have an early morning session), fresh berries and smoked …

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asana of the month

salamba balasana (sah-LOM-bah bah-LAHS-anna)salamba = with support bala = child welcome to the new edition of asana of the month. instead of a picture you can look forward to a video. heidi agreed to be our first model and show us the restorative version of child’s pose. so take a look and find yourself sinking into a child’s pose. try …

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