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Please explore all of our pregnancy, baby, kid and family-friendly yoga offerings. We offer Yoga to anyone from 12 weeks of pregnancy all the way to pre-teens.

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If you have any questions about a class or workshop please contact either Heidi or Angela for more clarity.

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Pre/Postnatal Yoga Classes

Prenatal Yoga, Tuesdays, 6pm

Prenatal yoga is a practice for mothers-to-be that includes breathing, meditation, movement, and deep relaxation to support the pregnant body and mind during this magical journey. This is the perfect time to connect with baby, meet other moms-to-be, and harness inner-strength and confidence in preparation for childbirth and motherhood. Must be 12 weeks pregnant to begin classes.

Mama and Baby Yoga, Tuesdays, 11:00am

Mama and Baby Yoga offers a fun and gentle approach to postnatal yoga. Socialize with other moms and learn yoga practices to reduce stress, rejuvenate energy and re-build strength. Postures that target core and pelvic muscles, tone arms and legs, and release tension in shoulders and neck are explored with baby near-by or in mother’s arms. Class also includes lullabies and baby yoga for baby-bonding fun. Mothers with babies that are 6 weeks old to active crawlers are welcome in class.

Upcoming 2017 Mama & Baby Yoga (6-week sessions)

  • January 10 – February 14
  • March 7 – April 11
  • May 2 – June 6
  • August 8 – September 19
  • October 10 – November 14

Yoga for Childbirth Workshop

Offered Publicly every 8 – 10 weeks or via Private Appointment

Connect with your partner and baby during this informative and very popular workshop designed to bring a yogic approach to labor and childbirth. Fill your birthing tool-kit with techniques that can relieve stress and create more ease and confidence, such as: gentle movements, postures, breath-work, affirmations, and partner-assisted massage methods. Whether you are planning a natural, medicated, or cesarean birth, this workshop is a great addition to traditional childbirth education classes. The workshop concludes with a soothing guided relaxation.

Pre/Postnatal Yoga classes are taught by Heidi Sherwin, E-RYT, PRYT, Doula No prior yoga experience is necessary for the pre/postnatal classes or workshops. For more information please contact Heidi at 304.680.6140 or email: heidi@theblissblissbliss.com.

Children’s Yoga Classes

Tiny Trees, Mondays 5:30-6:00 pm

Tiny Trees yoga offers kids and their caregivers the opportunity to learn breathing to help children calm themselves, as well as poses which improve balance and coordination. Each class is an adventure and ends with a story. Class is for childeren 18 months to 5 years with adult.

Wandering Warriors, Check Schedule

Kids 6 –12 years of age today face many more challenges than kids of the past. Wandering Warriors focuses on improving self-esteem through breathing techniques, poses, games, and activities. Each class focuses on a tenant of yoga, (ie: gratitude) and is a safe and relaxed atmosphere for kids to learn and have fun.

Tiny Trees and Wandering Warriors are taught by Angela Carver, ChildLight Yoga® Advanced Certification. For information about these classes contact Angela at 309-287-6271 or angela@theblissblissbliss.com