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Bellydance Basics

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Starting August 13th
Saturdays at 12:30 to 1:30

Jennifer is teaching the basic bellydance moves and will progress each class with a multilevel format. This means each week students will have a new thumb_DSC_0184_1024skill set to work with and practice.
During each class session students will learn three to four moves and put them together to music in a flow format. Students will work on individual goals and with independent learning styles.
Come and join Jennifer’s class with a willingness to be free and feel the movement from within your heart and soul!

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  • $20.00 drop in fee (Space is limited!!)
  • Series: 6 non-expiring for $90.00

Class size limit:  15 people



About Jennifer:

thumb_DSC_0014_1024Many people begin their dance lives as children. I didn’t begin mine until I was an adult and a mother of mostly grown children. I had already developed a strong sense of who I was and where I was going. I am an animal lover and a teacher, I am a listener and a healer. Bellydance has provided a beautiful radiant light in my life. I have been taking bellydance workshops, seminars, classes and other series for over five years. Many parts of my life have been about teaching and assisting others. I didn’t set out to become a bellydance instructor, but the Universe had it in my plan all along. The plan was to combine my passion for bellydance with my ability to instruct and to be able to share the freedom of expression that is given from the movement of dance. Healing comes from finding your true self and dance is a wonderful pathway to that self discovery. Dance is a pathway drug to confidence and self awareness. I am here to help share and to help people grow; to illuminate the path for others on their self discovery journey.


My Certifications:
Hip Curve Bellydance Level 1
Credentials of Ordained Ministry
AromaTouch technique
Reiki Level 1 attuned through Melita Mollohan
Powerhouse Pilates Mat 1

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