Ayurvedic Yoga & Lifestyle: A Seasonal Class

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By Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds & Lauren Stinespring

What makes up an ayurvedic lifestyle and Why would I want to lead my life with that in mind?

The American Institute of Vedic studies writes that;

Ayurveda teaches us that each thing in the universe is composed of a particular substance. Each substance has its specific attributes and actions, which have a unique therapeutic application. According to this theory, there is nothing in nature that does not have some medicinal or healing value if applied correctly. Similarly, there is nothing that cannot be destructive or disease-causing if applied incorrectly. The fire that cooks our food can also burn our house down depending upon how we use it.

Ayurveda (translates as the scinece of life) is a vast collection of knowledge that can be combined to form an amazingly healthy lifestyle. Ayurveda sees a medicinal value in all the actions we put into our lives from the thoughts we think, the food we eat to the way in which we support ourselves through out the seasons.

In the “Ayurvedic Yoga & Lifestyle: A Seasonal Class” Lauren Stinespring & Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds invite you to join them, to embark on a year long journey to learn about Ayurveda. Each class will combine yoga, mediation, mantra, and breathing practices. Another aspect in Ayurveda is that each individual has a unique constitution that should be supported by their lifestyle. We will offer teachings on seasonal and dosha supportive food choices, sacred routines that you can use to enhance your daily life and both simple and complex cleansing techniques that can support the physical body.

In all the conditions of our lives, we are exposing ourselves to energies and their effects which can either improve or detract from our well-being. Therefore, the key to healing is to maximize the positive influences in our lives and minimize the negative ones. – The American Institute of Vedic Studies

While participants do not have to come to every class, the opportunity to learn the layers of Ayurveda through out the year will give repeat participants a deeper understanding. Employing an Ayurvedic approach over the course of a year can allow the body to slowly receive the teachings. You get to decide what aspects work for you at this time in your life.

The class will meet at least every other month. Come to one or all. See our schedule for all current classes. and — See our workshop schedule for all current events.

Photo by Michael Sherwin