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Ashtanga Yoga Private – A special Discount

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By Mary Jo Schick
Want to quickly learn the Ashtanga Primary Series in a private, personal and customized setting?

Maybe you want to advance your practice with lots of personal attention.

Or, like me, you may want to receive ALL the assists – both sides and every pose – feels great and REALLY deepens your practice.

For whatever reason – now is the time. In November and December, BlissBlissBliss will be offering 60 minute private Ashtanga Yoga sessions for only $40. You can even bring a friend – making this only $20 per person!

In additon, you can purchase up to 6 Gift Certificates to use during 2013 to continue your journey and support those New Year’s resolutions. You can even give them away as gifts. Learn the entire sequence with detailed posture instruction, precision alignment, hands on assists and adjusts, and personal feedback to really fine tune your practice.

See what a focused, directed regular Ashtanga practice can do for you – it will change your life and body!
You can schedule on Schedulicity, or contact me direct at [email protected] or 304-276-2616, or contact BlissBlissBliss directly. Get on the mat, it will take
you where you need to go!