Ashtanga At Bliss! Welcome Zach & Rachel Dyer

Ashtanga At Bliss! Welcome Zach & Rachel Dyer

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Rachel & Zach are teaching at Bliss. To kick things off they are offering this Two-Week Intro to Ashtanga Yoga workshop! We think this is a perfect way for you to get to know them before they start their weekly classes. Come meet Zach and Rachel Dyer, start your Ashtanga yoga practice or fall in love with it all over practice again. THIS IS PERFECT!

Whether you’re new to yoga altogether, new to Ashtanga, already a beginner, or interested in a refresher in foundational principles of yoga, this course is for you! Learn the fundamentals of Ashtanga Yoga. We’ll help answer any questions you have and give you tools for your own practice.

Zach and Rachel write… “Your $40 workshop includes 2 Saturdays. We will begin both sessions with a 20-minute practice, and then share with you with core principles of Ashtanga Yoga, including philosophy, technique, and breathing.”

Register for their two week offering:

[button link=”” size=”medium” align=”center”] – 9/23 & 9/30 1PM Ashtanga Yoga Workshop – [/button]

Can’t make it to both sessions? Pick your your date

[button link=”” size=”medium” align=”center”] – 9/23 1PM Single Session Ashtanga Yoga Workshop – [/button]
[button link=”” size=”medium” align=”center”] – 9/30 1PM Single Session Ashtanga Yoga Workshop – [/button]

Fee: $25 per session or $40 for both sessions. Your card is charged at registration.

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