Don’t Forget: Ashtanga 2nd Series Starts Today 4:30 PM

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By Mary Jo Schick

Join us at BlissBlissBliss for Introduction to the Second Series of Ashtanga Yoga Wednesdays 4:30-
5:30pm Starting Nov. 7.

Introduction to the Secondary Series of Ashtanga Yoga is a refining of all the practices of the Primary Series, and an all levels introduction to the Secondary Series.
Deepen your Primary practice with detailed study of the challenging postures and how they prepare you for the Secondary (plus 3rd-6th) Series.
The Secondary Series is called Nadi Shodhana (nerve cleansing) as it focuses on the main nerve channel of the body, the spinal column, using Back Bending and Twisting postures.
This not only keeps the spine supple but allows Prana to flow freely through all the energy channels (nadis) and the subtle body.

This complements the Forward Bending and Strength building of the Primary Series (called Yoga Chikitsa: Yoga Therapy) – making one feel strong, open and filled with Prana (life force).
The Secondary Series also includes deeper study of Arm Balances, Inversions and Leg Behind Head poses; preparing us for that beautiful journey toward Third Series and onward. Ashtanga Yoga is a very serious and deep study of yoga; but with a fun, lighthearted attitude – supported by a worldwide family of practitioners.