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Introducing Aroma Touch

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So excited to introduce Aroma Touch to our list of bodywork services. Experience deep relaxation, stress reduction, pain relief along with enhanced immunity using select Therapeutic Grade essential oils. The oils in this treatment have been researched and selected with relaxation, stress, pain and immunity in mind. We stimulate the meridian points and energy zones using these safe, therapeutic grade oils. Discover a balance and integration between body & emotions. With the immunity component, this is a perfect treatment for the change of seasons (and back to school!).

About Our Oils: We care about what we put on your body in our massage and bodywork sessions. We know that what we put on your skin should ultimately be safely absorbed by your body. The Aroma Touch service at bliss uses Organic oils. These oils are guaranteed safe and therapeutic grade essential oils.

To Book the session with Elizabeth, follow the link and type “aroma touch” in the search box. If you can’t find a session time perfect for you, send a note to

PS: Want a sweet date night? Want to learn the Aroma Touch technique for your use at home and get a discount on a private session. We are hosting two Couples Events Thursday 8/23 at 7:15 and Friday 8/24 at 7:15.