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Rachel Pollard Invites You

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By Rachel Pollard

I would love to share my gifts with you. You are the jewel in your life. My sessions help you see that. Let us look into your now moment and rearrange your life for the better. If you cannot find a time that works for you through online booking please e-mail ( or call bliss (304-413-0270).

Spirit Sketches: Let me draw you as your soul wants to be seen. What you are carrying comes through in your auras image. Learn about your current energetic anatomy through this sketch that you get to keep! Book

Soul Healing Session: Relax and let us look into the anatomy of your soul for true, deep healing. Hidden within your aura and the akashic records are wounds, fears, dreams, energy kinks, upgrades and expansions, soul contracts, and every other piece of your past, present and future. With the help of our guides and angels we can identify and heal these “marks” and bring you back to your true, limitless self. A variety of tools may be used. Book

Inner Beauty Expansion: In this session we focus on letting go of the exhausting, outer, day to day habits and rituals of superficial beauty. We call upon your inner goddess light for expansion of true beauty and confidence to manifest on EVERY level. If you are looking to simplify your “get ready routine” and add more time to your day (or sleep to your morning) this session is for you! Book

Clear Me Now!: In this session we focus on letting go of patterns that cause mental clutter and stress. I will look into your energetic anatomy for a “deep cleaning” of all the things that make you stressed! Lets break those obsessive thought patterns, dissolve that tension, and put to rest those worries now! Book

Boundary Setting: In this session we focus on setting boundaries and protecting your space. Healthy relationships and situations can only remain healthy if there is mutual respect and love. Lets bring back your personal power. Book

I See you soon in health, in love, in abundance, in bliss