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7 Reasons to get Thai Yoga Bodywork

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Ever wondered about Thai Yoga massage and what it can do for you? Ponder no more! Here are a few reasons why you’ll love getting Thai Yoga Massage:

  1. Pain Relief/ Fatigue: The best thing after a workout that makes you sore is a healthy movement to release lactic acid that can build up. You don’t have to suffer through soreness or fatigue to get a proper workout. Plus, you’ll be ready for your next training session soon than ever!photo3
  2. Stress: Stress masks itself as pain and when we work, play, or sit we hold tension in the body. A great way to release this is to have a therapist move it out of you and Thai Yoga Bodywork puts your body back into proper alignment. Good bye shoulders up to your ears and hunched postures!
  3. Flexibility/ Stretching: Thai Bodywork is an excellent way to gain flexibility that you would build to in a yoga class, but this way someone else can do the work and you can reap all the rewards!
  4. Non-Intrusive: This type of bodywork does not require you to be nude, and omits the use of oils. This is perfect for anyone who needs bodywork but would like to stay fully clothed, or someone who needs to return back to their life after a session grease free.
  5. Improved Circulation: Stimulating the skin and muscles produces more blood flow and works out little kinks in our body thus photo2encouraging circulation. With new blood flow everything in the body gets a good “soak” so fingers and toes that typically get cold can stay nice and toasty!
  6. Boost Immunity: With fresh blood pumping through you and lymph stimulation your body’s natural immunity gets boosted. Stimulation of the nervous system reduces your stress level which makes you a healthier, happier person.
  7. You will fall in love: After one magical session or relaxation, rejuvenation and healing you will regret not booking a session sooner!


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