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FREE SAMPLES: FAST relief and Non-toxic too

Are you getting back in shape? Are your “Spring into Summer” activities like increased exercise, gardening etc. waking up those muscles with some not so pleasant side effects? Yep you want FAST relief and non toxic too I bet! Take a moment to lickity quick e-mail our Certified Aromatherapist Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds a note at She has set her auto-responder …

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No Really What Are You Smelling? 3 Ways To Know You Have The Right Oil For You

Chances are at least one of your friends have mentioned how essential oils have helped them find support for an every day thing…. Could be tummy trouble, difficultly relaxing, sleeping or even occasional clogged airways. So you start researching and and reading up on ALL the brands out there! “Oh My!” you say, “there is a lot to this” Yes! …

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Ignite Your Delight: Creating A Personal Ritual

Saturday June 18 from 1pm to 4pm   Everyone has routines to get them through the day – brushing hair and teeth, washing our face, eating breakfast, getting out the door… Routines get us through. But a ritual can help inspire and encourage you, it can motivate to get up in the morning if you are excited enough about it. …

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