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March Intuitive Reiki Special

by  Tonya Madia The word Reiki (pronounced ‘ray-key’) has two parts. ‘Rei’ meaning universal or spiritual, and ‘Ki’ meaning energy or power (also called ‘chi’ in Chinese culture); it is this universal energy that animates all living things. This universal life force, like all energy, has a specific frequency. The Human Body, when healthy, resonates at a frequency between 62–72 …

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By Clyde Chafer I believe that throughout our lives we are blanketed with a myriad of seeds. These seeds are the catalyst of how we choose to live our lives. Of course all seeds don’t come to germination. The ones that do rely on nurturing to survive. I can look back and see the seeds that I have chosen to …

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Tuesdays At 4PM In April – It Is Time For Yoga Kids!

By Adrian Kettering Yoga Kids! This class allows children ages 3-6 to learn about breathing, relaxing, and moving their bodies to look like the animals and plants that are part of Planet Earth.  Yoga benefits children the same way that it benefits adults: it provides focus, centering, relaxation, exercise and breathing – all in a noncompetitive and safe environment.  We …

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