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Candlelight Goddess Yoga With Heidi

By Heidi Sherwin Delight in the Goddess Glow! There is a space that awaits you, a healing space to nurture and support you… a welcoming space for joy and celebration of the Goddess within you. This space is for YOU… come in, feel alive, release, share, and delight in the Goddess glow! With great joy, I announce the arrival of …

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Gentlemen – This IS Your Yoga!!!

For too long, women have tried to keep us guys out of their yoga classes. They’ve told us it’s nothing but a little stretching. It will force us to talk about our feelings. And without warning, we’ll be connecting with our inner earth mother goddesses. Well, no more. The cat is out of the bag! The truth about yoga is …

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Maximimize Your Summer Health: Tips To Support Your Body

If you are a fan of ayurveda this article Maximize Your Summer Health from our friends at Banyan Botanicals offers a lot of information about maintaining balance this summer. Summer, like each of the seasons, arrives with its own distinct personality. Depending on your constitution, summer may increase your internal sense of harmony, or it may aggravate one of your …

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